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Thanksgiving ‘Tell it like it is’ ~ Why you should be thankful you didn’t call your cat Azzie

Right, let me just get this out there before my inbox explodes, okay? No one, but no one likes a big grey problem lurking in the corner… Yes, I know: my last blog was July 2013… (Oh and yet again,

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday – Anyone for tennis?

Ahoy there! Well, it’s Wimbledon time again. The supermarket aisles are stocked with Pimms and there isn’t an uncultivated strawberry in sight. Oh and it’s raining! But wait, it was also Glastonbury a few days ago. What did you expect?

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday ~ ‘Imagine me & you.’ Characters and why you have to shoot them in the head.

Okay, I know it’s not Tuesday and that is the whole point of this post. Please forgive me (or send your strongly-worded letter to the White Star Line slash Points of View) They say if you have to get up

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Welcome 2013 and hello ‘Tell it Like it is Tuesday’!

Ah, there you are? Did ya miss me? Did ya? Come on, admit it, you know you did… So, here we are: 2013. The fact that I just typed that means that the world didn’t end (again) as predicted and

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‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Food of love’ by Anne. R. Allen

No, it isn’t Valentine’s day and no, you haven’t forgotten that all-important anniversary (at least, I don’t think you have. And if you have, no amount of BS will get you out of it! ;-))… It’s Sunday. ‘Banning the Bullshit’

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‘Banning the bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Beyond Nostalgia’ by Tom Winton

Ok, here we are again. BtB. I LOVE it! Noooooooooo steaming pile of cack here, M’lad. TOTALLY bullshit free. We all know where to go for that (should it be your thing)… Soooo, what have we today then? Well, it’s

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12 Days of Christmas – #7 Ruth Barrett

And so to #7 in our Christmas countdown! Today, Ruth Barrett explains about her personal holiday demons, how she copes with them and her creepy cure (I mean, come on, what did you expect from this lady?) 😉 Christmas time…

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