‘Say goodbye to Summer’ Saturday & hello to Orlando ‘Blue Beard’ Griffiths-Woods

So, you know me; I like to shake things up a bit sometimes…

This is me, really livin’ on the edge. I’m doing a post (wait for it) on a SATURDAY! *insert shock/horror emoji here*

Yup. A right Pantser, me. Always have been. A real rebel avec a cause. The Black Sheep and all that, and let me tell you right now, this ain’t my first rodeo. folks. I’ve been stirring this crazy pot of shit up for years now… 😉


It’s just how I roll.

Well, it’ been a mad, bad year and as the leaves fall and Autumn lays a gold and russet pathway for Winter I gear up for my fave time ever. Halloween, Bommy night (it’s a Brit thang) and the glittery run-up to Christmas. What’s not to love?

We’ve been blessed with the most glorious of Summers here in the most United of Kingdoms and even the moaniest of moaners cannot deny their watch-strap tan lines this season; hell, I’ve still got mine! We were sunbathing in Derbyshire not two weeks ago and that, my friends, is something we NEVER get to say in the Mighty blighty!


But as we all know, all that glitters is not gold. Every good thing must come to an end and looking out of my office window right now, with my beloved pooch giving me guilt eyes, I think it’s happened…

Oh, forgive me. Did I not mention our new addition? Our game-changing maestro of madness.


Allow me to introduce this little guy.

Meet Orlo.

IMG_0765 (1)

This was on his ‘Gotcha Day’.

February the sixteenth two thousand and eighteen.


The day our lives changed forever.

He’s gonna be one in a few weeks and I can honestly admit; I have never loved a fuzzy ball of fluff more than I do this little fella – he is amazing.

Yes, he barks sometimes when inconsiderate ingrates dare to pass by his territory and he insists on cradling his chin on the hammock of my jeans when I pee; staring up at me with those big, brown puppy dog eyes, questioning why I am performing a bodily function without his involvement, nay, approval, but I wouldn’t swap him for all the gin in erm, Gin Land.

I flippin’ adore this wee fuzzy brown bear.

He’s my little Wiggle bum Extraordinaire.

So this post is dedicated to him and all things nice, manic and wiry in the world.

Meet Orlando ‘CYNETKOY BLUE BEARD’ Griffiths-Woods.

His Majesty.


Talk about ruling the roost.

This Blue & Tan, belter of a best canine beast has totally over-taken our lives and I wouldn’t want it any other way; he is just awesomeness squeezed into a pup with attitude. Wonder where he gets that from? I think we were meant to meet…


He has brought so much joy (and chaos) into our lives that we don’t know which way up we are, but in a world full of madness, that can only be a good thing. He stabilises me, when the siren has gone off and all is lost at sea.

Or so you think.

This little Border Terrorist will keep you on an even keel.

He’s a very good buoy.

IMG_1551He defo keeps me afloat.

Because they all float... don’t they?

Enough with the platitudes. He’s our guy and what a guy he is.

I even deigned to sculpt him for All Hallows Eve; cos it’s what I do.


I leave you with a timeline of pics from my most precious boy and the thought of spiced pumkins and cinnamon; You don’t have to partake… just be nice.

Happy Halloween!







Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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