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Thanksgiving ‘Tell it like it is’ ~ Why you should be thankful you didn’t call your cat Azzie

Right, let me just get this out there before my inbox explodes, okay? No one, but no one likes a big grey problem lurking in the corner… Yes, I know: my last blog was July 2013… (Oh and yet again,

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‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday (Halloween) Special: Things that go bump in the night

Mwuhahahaha… *dims lights and shines torch under chin whilst grinning maniacally* …or so I think! I probably look and sound more like a bad Scout leader on a camping trip trying to scare young kids, but hey, that’s a different

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Thirteen ghosts: A collection of spooky tales for Halloween (Part Two)

Well hello and Happy nearly Halloween day! Yesterday on SMoD&L, we featured tales from Nick Spalding, Leonard D. Hilley II (I am still smarting over that name) and Ruth Barrett. Thanks guys, it was a pleasure. Today, I have not

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