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‘Say it ain’t so’ Sunday – Special Edition

Well, here we are again; another Sabbath –  they come around quickly these days, don’t they? This post is a Special Sunday edition. you’ll be surprised/pleased/relieved to hear that I am not going to moan about anything today. Yep, today

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‘Say it ain’t so’ Sunday

I give up on Tuesday’s, they’re just too boring. Believe me, they have no use whatsoever; apart from to remind you that the worst day of the week is gone: dead and buried – a dim and distant memory –

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday – Guess who’s back..?

You wanted Shady and chopped liver, right? Tough. On both counts. It’s jus’ li’l ole me. And him. And them. And…Oh dear, I’m getting carried away with myself and my imaginary friends again, once more aren’t I? How do I

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday – Two years on.

Holy smoke. Has it really been that long? WordPress is telling me that I haven’t posted a blog for two years but that’s just an outright, disgusting lie. Shame on you WP! It’s nowhere NEAR that, it’s… Shit. It’s almost

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday – Is there anybody there?

So…turns out, I’m not dead. Phew! I’m more glad about that than you might think. I’ll tell you why a bit later. But enough with the pleasantries, how’ve you been? Sheesh, it’s been ages. I mean, like, forever. Well, it

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Thanksgiving ‘Tell it like it is’ ~ Why you should be thankful you didn’t call your cat Azzie

Right, let me just get this out there before my inbox explodes, okay? No one, but no one likes a big grey problem lurking in the corner… Yes, I know: my last blog was July 2013… (Oh and yet again,

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‘Tell it like it is’ Tuesday – Anyone for tennis?

Ahoy there! Well, it’s Wimbledon time again. The supermarket aisles are stocked with Pimms and there isn’t an uncultivated strawberry in sight. Oh and it’s raining! But wait, it was also Glastonbury a few days ago. What did you expect?

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