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‘Tell it Like it is’ Tuesday ~ February 2013

Ahoy there! Did someone say it was Tuesday? The first Tuesday of the month by any chance? Hmm, well, in that case – it’s time for a bit of TiLiiT! Like the new logo? 😉 Don’t worry, it won’t be that

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‘Banning the bullshit’ Sunday: ‘The Casual Vacancy’ by J.K. Rowling

  Sheesh! It’s only bleedin’ Sunday… I mean, how does that happen? It was Sunday… well, a week ago! 😉 Welcome back to the home of crapola-free, honest, tell-it-like-it-is book blogging. You know there’ll be no doo-da here! Guaranteed. So,

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‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘11.22.63’ by Stephen King

  Go Team GB! 😉 Phew, we’ve certainly had reason to celebrate this week with some supremely superhuman efforts in the Olympics from ALL countries! The highlight of my week so far though was the Team GB Ladies football team

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‘Banning the bullshit Sunday’ : ‘Death Wish’ Book 1: The Vamp Saga by Danielle Blanchard

OK, it’s here again: BtB (Banning the Bullshit) Sunday!. The ‘Illuminating indies’ series will be using Sundays as a ‘giving it up to fellow writers” day and keeping SM0D&L totally bullshit free! So, who’s in the line of fire today

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‘Banning the bullshit Sunday’ : ‘Clockwise’ by Elle Strauss

OK, it seems that BtB (Banning the Bullshit) is here to stay. A bit like the character that strolls into your head, announcing their presence with a wink and a smile whilst puffing away on a cigarette as they lean

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Paying it forward for writers

OK, so last week I blogged about ‘banning the bullshit’ from this blog right? Well, like many other New Years’ resolutions, this is one that I am sticking to. So, today I am using my blog to celebrate the success

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New Year Revolution: Banning the Bullshit

Well, here it is. 2012. This year promises to be revolutionary for publishing, writers and e-reading in general. What will it bring? I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Make sure that you pop over to MWi regularly to

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