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Aid an indie #14: Maxwell Street Blues by Marc Krulewitch

Grabbing snapshots of cheating spouses and hunting down bail jumpers provides a comfortable living for Jules Landau—until his estranged father knocks on the door. Second-rate con man Bernie Landau reports Jules’s beloved “Uncle Snook” has taken five bullets in the

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Aid an indie writer. Week #6. Looking for trouble by Erin Kern

When Noah McDermott, owner of McDermott Construction, walks out into the bright morning sunshine, the last thing he expects is to get run over by a careless woman in a yellow Mercedes.  His anger quickly fades into curiosity when the

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Aid an indie writer week #2: Lovestruck Succubus by Ellison James

Ok, here’s indie author week #2’s offering: Lovestruck Succubus by Ellison James Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Fantasy Her Love is “to die for.” Azra just wants a loving relationship, But her kind of love kills. Ousted from her world, pursued by a Police

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Aid an Indie writer week #1: Into the Shadows by Karly Kirkpatrick

Ok, I promised that each week I would host a book by a fellow indie-writer on my blog. Here it is, the first one: Into the Shadows – by Karly Kirkpatrick (YA Paranormal) Paivi Anderson has it all—friends, a spot

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Writers read?

Everyone tells you, that to be a writer, you MUST read – it is essential. Not only do you learn more about the craft every time you open a book, but you also get to see what else is out

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Amazon Kindle for Christmas?

Hello! So, as an indie author using Amazon Kindle to publish on (as well as other platforms such as Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Diesel, Sony, Kobo, Apple etc) I am hoping that the Kindle is the best-selling Christmas gift this

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Premium status!

Good morning! Well, after weeks of hard work and formatting, Sugar & Spice has finally achieved premium status with Smashwords and will now be distributed to all the major, online retailers such as: Barnes & Noble, Apple, Sony, Apple etc……

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