Welcome 2013 and hello ‘Tell it Like it is Tuesday’!

Ah, there you are? Did ya miss me? Did ya? Come on, admit it, you know you did…

So, here we are: 2013.

The fact that I just typed that means that the world didn’t end (again) as predicted and we are all (hopefully) still here. Good.

Happy New Year!


So, it’s Tuesday.

It’s the first Tuesday of the month. (OK, that’s not strictly true, but you’ll forgive New Years Day, right?)

That can only mean one thing: time to TELL. IT. LIKE. IT. IS!

Okay, that’s the salutations out of the way, so let’s get cracking! What will we be talking about on TiLiiT during the coming months? Hmmn, let me see: Well, in-keeping with the theme from last year, although the premise and the title may have changed slightly, the message here hasn’t. I still want this place to be somewhere people can come and just enjoy reading and commenting on the things we all love. Mostly books and writing, but why not throw in a few more artistic subjects? There might be some music, some film mentions and even the odd photo, drawing or painting.

Let’s face it, writing a book or a short story is mostly about inspiration and that inspiration can come in any form. It might be something you hear, see, touch or feel; it might even be a memory or an emotion that stirs something in you. Usually, if you’re like me and write fiction, it is a new character sauntering into my head and introducing themselves!

So let’s swing the SMoD&L doors wide open and have a look at anything we find interesting ~ but remember, no bullshit please! No advertising our books or shouting about sales etc, we’ll leave that for other blogs and the caffeine-swilling, mug-swinging self-praising individuals who like the sound of their own virtual voices eh? 😉

OK. So we’re all clear? Great!

Firstly, a very late addition to this blog. I had planned something else, but driving to work the other morning and listening to Radio 1, they were doing a feature called ‘The Sound of 2013’ and I heard a band. My American friends may already know about these girls as they hail from the States, but I had never come across them before. Prediction Numero Uno: they are going to be HUGE!


Described as a ‘nu-folk-meets-nineties-R&B’ pop group, HAIM are a group of sisters from LA. I have now listened to a couple of their songs and was blown away. Just what the world needs right now, a PROPER (and by proper I mean non-manufactured and talented) girl band. They are cute, hip and above all, hugely good at what they do. If you fancy a listen, check out the BBC site here for interviews and some live recordings.

So, we’ve done the good, now for the bad (not sure I have an ugly btw):

I say this through gritted teeth because I have mentioned it before and am now convinced.

James Patterson has lost the plot.

Ok, so maybe he personally hasn’t lost the plot, but releasing a book that has the tag-line ‘The World’s bestselling thriller writer’ on its cover and then filling the pages with the utter dross that exist behind this cover, is just down-right insulting to readers everywhere.


I have repeatedly lived in hope that each recent book would be better than the last. I gave up on a few and put it down to series fatigue or a blip in form, but this one, will be the last I read and certainly the last I part with my hard-earned cash for.

Let me tell you what’s wrong with it…


Awful, awful writing. Totally confusing POV switches. Random plot. Shocking dialogue and worst of all a boring storyline. The opening chapters bored me to tears and I had to force myself to read on. I willed it to get better. It didn’t.

In the first scenes, Alex and his partner get a call about a domestic hostage situation. Some ex-husband has taken his kids, ex-wife, her new husband and an unfortunate-to-be-visiting-at-the-time neighbour hostage in a big house somewhere. John is relaying what he knows info-wise to Cross and says something like, “We only know this because the neighbour managed to send a text to her husband when she excused herself to go to the bathroom.”

What? Run that by me again. So some poor woman drops presents or a pie round at her friends house, only to find her drug-crazed ex has her and the kids held at gunpoint and not only does she manage to persuade said meth-head to allow her to go tinkle, but given the chance to save them all, she just sends a text to her husband providing him with intel??? She doesn’t call 911? Or her husband and ask him to?

It got worse. A terrorist that is petrified of dogs, a night that goes on for about three days time-wise and continued shabby, lazy writing. I had to re-read so many lines more than once, that I had a headache a third of the way in.

I haven’t finished it yet, although I will. I can’t help it. I still can’t believe it can be that bad all the way through.

Now I know JP probably doesn’t give a damn. He sells gazillions of books and he probably hasn’t written a line of any of the last ten, but come on, have some respect for the buying public and loyal fans and at least ensure that if you put your name to a book, that it is half-decent. Shame on you and your publisher! I shall watch the new film out of interest and because I have loved Alex Cross for so long, but I’m afraid I won’t be keeping up with what he does in the future.

Phew. Rant over. I suppose we could call that the ugly too.

Oh no, hang on, wait! I have something even more offensive:

Amazon and their invasion of the twenty pence book!. Now that’s a horror if ever I saw one, but I’ll save that for another day.

Until next time, tell it like it is and keep it real.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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