‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Food of love’ by Anne. R. Allen

No, it isn’t Valentine’s day and no, you haven’t forgotten that all-important anniversary (at least, I don’t think you have. And if you have, no amount of BS will get you out of it! ;-))…

It’s Sunday. ‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday to be precise.

So, what literary lusciousness do I have for you today then? Ah, well, you may have heard of this lady before. Quite a few times actually. THAT is because she writes lots of books and we, publish them! She is even collaborating with the uber-awesome, Catherine Ryan Hyde (of ‘Paying it forward’ fame) on a ‘How to…’ book, but more of that in a mo….

There’s just no stopping Anne R. Allen – and we love it! In fact, talking of love: Get a load of this – ‘Food of love‘ is the latest addition to the MWiDP fold and to Anne’s ever-growing collection of brilliant books (see the end of the blog for links to other bullshit-free posts). BUT, ‘Food of love‘ is actually Anne’s first-ever published novel (OK, we came to the game a little late on this one) and is still her best-selling. There’s a reason for that.

It’s brilliant.

Yup. No messing. Comedy thriller. Porn, screwball romantic comedy. It has the lot. Here’s the blurb (oh and guess who provides the intro?):

Food of Love was Anne R. Allen’s first published novel, and continues to be her most popular of her five (and counting) books.

First published in the UK in 2003 by the now-defunct Babash-Ryan, it’s a romp through the world of the booming late 1990’s. Part thriller and part screwball romantic comedy, Food of Love appeals to readers on both sides of the pond. Beneath its roller-coaster plot and comic exterior, the story addresses some complex issues about body image, religion and a woman’s right to choose.

Food of Love tells the story of Regina, a former supermodel, now princess of a tiny European principality (yes, these places do still exist, although the one in this novel is of course fictional), who has lost her skeletal figure and finds herself threatened by an unknown assassin. Fearing her royal husband wants to kill her now that she’s not model-thin, she seeks protection from her estranged African-American foster sister, conservative Christian television pundit, Rev. Cady Stanton.

Reverend Cady has some serious weight and romantic issues of her own, compounded when an “accident” intended for Regina leaves her temporarily blind. But when Regina is declared dead and Cady’s seventy-year old secretary is wrongly arrested for smuggling a small nuclear bomb to the funeral, Cady takes control.

With the help of a porn mogul, a Russian spy, a rap diva and her fierce hairdresser-girlfriend, Cady is able to save Regina, restore the bomb to its proper owners, and unearth the long-buried family secrets that hold the key to her own happiness.

Food of Love has all the classic elements of comedy thriller and believable farce that have become the hallmark of an Anne R. Allen novel.

Introduced by UK best-selling author Saffina Desforges.

Oh and here’s the link stuff:

Amazon UK




Sooooo, you know what I’m gonna say, right? WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? 😉

So, where was I? Oh yeah, when all those around you lose their heads… here’s how to keep yours and survive in the E-age.

Anne and Catherine have been around the block where sanity and writing is concerned. Believe me. So, when two experienced and successful writers decide to come together and produce a ‘How to’ book, you have no choice as a writer (and even less as a publisher, I mean, HELLO, I watched ‘Pay it forward’ three times) but to read it. And read it you can. Soon.

How to be a writer in the E-Age and keep your E-Sanity‘ will be released mid-June, so look out of it. In the meantime, cast your peepers over the amazing cover, designed by our very own design God extraordinaire, Athanasios.

Oof! Cool, huh?

*sigh* I just don’t know how I do it. 😉

Until next time fellow BsF’ers…


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8 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Food of love’ by Anne. R. Allen
  1. annerallen says:

    Thanks so much Saffi! I’m so glad to have a UK version of Food of Love again! And How to Be a Writer in the E-Age will be an exciting handbook for writers at all stages of their careers. We’ll be doing some give-aways on my blog and Catherine’s over the next few weeks.

  2. Did you know that when you look at the cover to …E-Age the person looks like a lab… this could also be due to the fact that we just got a lab puppy… but for some reason it strikes me as cool.

    Anyway I think I might have Food Of Love waiting for me… if not I ought to get it… after her Camilla’s trilogy and, well, I should probably read other authors (like some in the genre I write in *giggles*).

    Hat’s off to another BS free post and here’s to hoping my house stays S and P free as our puppy adjusts. *grins*

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  4. […] ‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Food of love’ by Anne. R. Allen (sapphicscribe.wordpress.com) […]

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