‘Tell it like it is Tuesday’ ~ March 2013

Okay, okay. Before you start. I know it’s not the first Tuesday of the month. I’m late. There, I said it before you did.

I can hear all the sheeshing justified moaning now.


Sooorrrreeeee. ‘K? 😉 I’ve been uber-silly busy and then, to top it all off, went and slipped on some ice and put my back out, so I HAVE an excuse. Shoot me now. (not literally, you understand).

Right, that’s enough apologising from me, let’s crack on.

Time to ‘Tell it like it is’!

I uhmed and ahed about doing this blog today for various reasons. One, because of the subject matter and two, because of the age of the two girls involved, but then I thought, nah, go for it. This blog, afterall is primarily about writing and creativity and I thought that this was just too good not to show to the world.

You may be aware that recently, we (as in, Mark and I, my partner-in-literary-right-and-wrong-doings’) published a Young Adult novel, co-written with two teenage authors. In true no-crap style, I won’t go into detail here, head on over to my other blog for that HERE.

Anyway, the relevance to today’s blog is two-fold: One: we are hopefully spawning a generation of new writers and personally, I don’t think they get taken seriously enough. And two: retribution.

We are very good at dismissing the scribblings of those not old enough to drive or vote yet and other than them posting their work on sites like Wattpad and fanfic sites, they don’t always get the billing that they deserve.


So, when I asked around for some sassy youngster to contribute to this blog, I didn’t hold out much hope. That was, until a friend of mine contacted me and asked if I would like to see a poem that her daughter and her friend had written.

Of course, I jumped at the chance.

I must admit, I was a tad fearful of having to offend her and politely dismiss it as unsuitable. Until I read it.

Like any good piece of writing, it needs no explanation or introduction. All I will tell you is, is that the two young scribes concerned are still only 12 and 13 years old respectively and were probably MUCH younger when they wrote this. They were also pretty perceptive. See what you think:

On the 11th of September 2001,
Osama Bin laden had a job to be done.
A job to destroy and hurt a nation,
To cause chaos, despair and devastation.
Four planes were hijacked, made to be crashed,
Flying into the target they smashed.
One plane landed in the middle of nowhere,
The next three hit buildings without a care.
Smoke filled the air and dust clouds grew
The sky forevermore grey, no longer blue.
The workers inside were screaming,
The queues to the fire escape were heaving,
The fire spread and spread and spread,
Leaving many people unfortunately dead.
Bin laden’s job was almost done,
But the biggest disaster was still to come.
One by one the floors broke down,
Their burnt souls now left to be found.
As people jumped and hit the ground,
The screams and shouts were really loud.

Jumping to die quick and pain free,
Scenes got too sad for people to see.
Cameras then flashed with the pictures they took,
As the ground trembled and shook.
The dust grew bigger, witnesses had to abort
And do all they could, to help find support.
Firemen were quickly on the site,
With people hoping with all their might.

Down came the second tower,
With such strength and such power,
Floors by floors they slowly broke down,
Now this heart-breaking disaster is the talk of the town.
Now Bin laden’s job is done,
His cold dark days are soon to come,
All the people he killed that day,
Are no longer here to have their say.
A nasty idea it was indeed,
He now has no-one to follow his lead.
This happened at such an unexpected time,
Now he must pay for this terrible crime.

By Megan Shelton & Lauren McGahan

This is Megan and Lauren:





I think maybe we have two budding, talented writers on our hands. I also think that they might have finally got their wish.



Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “‘Tell it like it is Tuesday’ ~ March 2013
  1. Jen cadden says:

    Brilliant! What an evocative piece of writing from such young girl. Well done!

  2. Theresa says:

    Excellent stuff clever girls

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