How Can We Brag Without it KILLING Our On-Line Credibility?

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Nobody likes a braggart, but all of us want to brag…at least a little. As we writers move into the Digital Age publishing paradigm, we often find ourselves in the position of having to market. Ah, but here’s the pickle. If we toot our horns too much, we can risk turning others off.

I’ve been coaching writers for social media success for quite some time, and I tend to see two distinct camps on the social media front—Obnoxious Ollie and Super Secret Susan.

Obnoxious Ollie

Obnoxious Ollie is easy to spot. Who could miss this guy? He has four different Twitter identities, so he can tell us how awesome his books are four times MORE. This guy is everywhere on social media (and often automated). His tweets generally look something like this:

@OllieAuthor Man of the Year is hailed as the best book since the Bible. If you…

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One comment on “How Can We Brag Without it KILLING Our On-Line Credibility?
  1. annerallen says:

    Kristen’s post is awesome. I’m just as annoyed by the Secret Susies as I am with the Obnoxious Ollies. Anonymous authors who follow me on Twitter don’t get followed back if I can’t figure out what they write or who they are.

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