‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday ~ ‘I love you when…’ by Cheryl Shireman (illustrated by Charlotte Ellis)

Ah, there you are! Sheesh, you frightened me. I wondered where you’d all been hiding all week! 😉

I thought maybe you’d all disappeared under a mound of now-browning turkey meat left over from Thanksgiving or you’d sailed away on a soggy wardrobe door used as a raft when you mistakenly left your house for a loaf of bread and a pint of milk…either entirely possible.

But no, here you are. Loyal as ever and ready to join forces in the fight to stave off the BS.

Now if ever there was a sure-fire way of being guaranteed absolutely no crap whatsoever, it’s got to be asking a child.

Children are honest; sometimes brutally so. They have no hidden agenda, no morals and can be relied upon to tell you exactly how it is. No messing.

What a shame they grow up.

The reason behind today’s post is two-fold: One – it makes a really refreshing change and two, I have a personal connection to both lovely ladies featured today.

Cheryl Shireman has long-since been a friend of the Saffina Desforges outfit and MWiDP. I have featured many an offering from Cheryl and it is always a pleasure to do so. This one, however, isn’t your run-of-the-mill read. The two books I am going to push steer you toward today are for the wee folk.

No, I don’t mean the faeries at the bottom of your garden or The Borrowers, I mean da kids. The little people. The children


The ‘I love you when’  books are aimed at toddler ages (obviously, they will need assistance with the reading part) and their parents. Beautifully illustrated by new kid on the block and crazy Southern friend of mine, Charlotte Ellis.

This is Cheryl’s blurb:

Made especially for boys, I Love You When assures your toddler that he is always loved – no matter what he is doing. Filled with adorable full-color illustrations, I Love You When is sure to become one of your toddler’s favorite books!

There is also a version of I Love You When just for girls.

Also available as a paperback.

Now look, I’m not going to lie to you (afterall, that’s why you’re here, right?) I haven’t exactly read these books. My reading habits are diverse, but come on…

No, I can’t give you a blow-by-chocolate-smeared-blow account of what is on every page, but what I can do is tell you that Cheryl writes some awesome stuff and the illustrations are to die for. I have been involved with this project from the outset and know how much time, effort and love has gone into it; and it shows.

Take a look for yourself.



Cool huh?

I saw these illustrations when they were merely sketches and rough ideas and they were brilliant then…

Anyway, for those of you with devil’s spawn little cherubs of your own (Kristen Lamb, you know what I mean here and I am of course referring to your adoptive WANAbees!), here’s the important linky-stuff:

Amazon UK (boys)

Amazon.com (boys)

Amazon UK (girls)

Amazon.com (girls)

And if you fancy doing something really retro and reading your little darling a proper book at bedtime, then you can also get them in paperback (you know, that thing you had to endure before e-readers)…

Amazon UK (girls)

Amazon UK (boys)

Amazon.com (girls)

Amazon.com (boys)

So, that’s it for another week here on BtB. I dunno about you, but it’s so darn chilly today, that all that’s really left for me to do is get the heating on, the curtains closed and snuggle up on the settee in my onesie with a nice glass of vino and a good book.

Until next week my little banishers of the brown stuff…



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2 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday ~ ‘I love you when…’ by Cheryl Shireman (illustrated by Charlotte Ellis)
  1. Okay – so now that the kidletss have a Kindle Fire to share (while I still have the plain balck and white one – lol) How do I gift these books to them – my poor computer security saavy hubby looked a tme funny when I asked him this morning. :}

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