‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King

Woooft! It’s been a busy old week this week (and no, nothing to do with my role in Halloween!) and as usual, there’s been a fair amount of absolute crapola spattering the web waves. Let’s face it: when isn’t there?

So what are we gonna do about it?

Well, that one’s quite straight forward…

Yup, you guessed it, the only way to side-step the shite, is to not allow it!

So this week’s BtB is pretty darn straight forward.

Stephen King’s On Writing.

I’m going to show you a picture.

Then, I’m going to link to a blog post that I did waaaaaaaay back when.

And after that, you can come back and tell me that you understand me. Capiche?


Waaaaaay back when blog post (click me, your computer will not explode)

Are you still with me? Good.

See. It’s easy this no rubbish stuff.

Picture = my bookshelf today.

Waaaaaay back when blog post = my bookshelf a year ago.

What do they have in common? Stephen King’s book.

A writers’ bible if ever there was one.

I read that book when I didn’t even know I was a writer.

I’ve come out since then. “Hello, my name is Saffi and I’m a w…w…*deep breath* writer!”

Why did I read it? Well, one, because I would have read insults scrawled on used toilet roll back in those days if someone told me that Stephen King had written them and two, because I guess I kinda knew I was a writer, (is that Step 3 or Step 4?) but mostly, because it’s brilliant and how could it not be?

It teaches you things about writing without you even realising it and even if you aren’t a writer and have no intentions of ever being one (those 14.2 people in the world who haven’t got a book in them and don’t think it’d be a doddle to whip one up can wave their arms in the air at this point) it is a great read about how Mr K got to be an uber-famous (if not slightly strange-looking) scribe.

And…well, actually, that’s it.

There is no and.


Right. Guess I’ll be off then. Once again, my work here is complete.

Steer clear… yada,yada,yada and all that.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘On Writing’ by Stephen King
  1. Heh, this book was reccomende to me multiple times, once by a random person I met in a book store when I mentioned I was going to go look for it. Needless to say I bought it that day. I’ve read it, loved it (even if I don’t actually read King’s novels, lol).

    He’s got a sentence int there about letting the characters take over, the moment I read that I knew that yes, I was doing the right thing by pursuing this writing stuff. (even if some parts of me think I should have started sooner…) *grins*

    :} Cathryn

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