‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday (Halloween) Special: Things that go bump in the night


*dims lights and shines torch under chin whilst grinning maniacally*

…or so I think! I probably look and sound more like a bad Scout leader on a camping trip trying to scare young kids, but hey, that’s a different kind of horror story.

Anyway, welcome to the BtB Halloween Spook-fest!

I effing love Halloween! (probably explains a lot…)

I love the period from autumn to Christmas more than any other season in fact. Sure, I love the scorching summer days and long evenings and the smell of fresh cut grass, but when the farmers start to harvest and the lovely, flat Lincolnshire land where I live becomes a patchwork quilt of brown and gold, you know that Autumn is around the corner. And with Autumn comes all the fun stuff:

Kicking up leaves, misty mornings, toffee apples and pumpkin carvin’! Eeesh! I get excited just thinking about it! 😉

Speaking of misty mornings, this was the view out of my office window this morning… 🙂

You know when the nights start to pull in and the sparklers go on sale at the supermarket that Halloween, Bonfire night and ultimately, Christmas is just around the corner. So you can keep your summer thanks, gimme a damp, dusky evening (when the bats fly low and you can hear the reclusive wood-cutter next door cranking up his rusty old chain saw rnnnnnnggggg, rnnnnnngggggggg) in a cemetery any time!

So, what better way to celebrate the run up to Mischievious Night then to share my collection of favourite horror books with you?

Yup, we’re going to have a look at some of the best and scariest books on Saffi’s (virtual) shelves!

Pop over to my main blog for a sneak-peak at our new short story release for Halloween too!

I am not going to give you my opinion of these books, they speak for themselves and you have more than likely read them. If you haven’t – you should be ashamed of yourselves! Go and stand in the corner with your finger on your lips! 😉

So, without further ado, here’s my All-hallowed Top Ten from my fave spooky scribes (and it won’t be any surprise to see the same name cropping up again and again):













Wow! What a collection by the masters of the macabre. The heroes of horror. Quite a list. Some super-scary books there.

So what’s my number one? Well, it might surprise you.

The tales above are all wonderfully weird and frightening in their own strange ways. What one person might find scalp-tingling, might put someone else to sleep. So my all-time fright-fest of a book isn’t necessarily the spookiest story of all, but it certainly bends the mind in a way that can’t be good for you.

To the greatest denter of the imagination and fracturer of the mind. Take a bow Mr. Barker.

Weaveworld dislocated my thought process and left me wide awake for many nights. What more could you want from a horror story?


So, there it is. My Top Ten. What’s yours? What’s your favourite spine-crawler?

Happy Halloween and make sure you steer clear of the sloppy stuff.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday (Halloween) Special: Things that go bump in the night
  1. annerallen says:

    Great selection. I especially love the photo of the misty Lincolnshire autumn morning. I first arrived in Lincolnshire on Guy Fawkes Day in 2002. (They tried to tell me all the noise was for me :-)) 10 years ago. Amazing to me how long ago that feels. Spooky, even…

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