‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Odd Apocalypse (Odd Thomas 5)’ by Dean Koontz

Well, hullo there!

It only seems like five minutes since we were here – or maybe it was a week ago? Who can say? Seeing as Wednesday’s and Thursday’s are the busiest visitor days for a blog called ‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday…go figure! 😉 Slightly odd if you ask me, but hey, who am I to question it?

Talking of Odd, that brings me to the reason we’re here (not philosophically, you understand, just the theme of the blog today)… Odd is why we’re here. Odd is good. We like Odd.

Or rather, I like Odd. (yes, I know, it figures…)

Dean Koontz has long been one of my favourite writers. I have been reading his books now for many years, waaaaaay before I started writing. You know, back in the day when you could read a book as a reader and not a writer, when you could actually just get lost in the story and enjoy it for what it was, what it meant to you. Oh how I long for those days… 😉

But enough about me ;-), back to Dean and his extremely long back list of titles.

When I started researching for this post, I had a quick look at his earlier books, trawled through the paperbacks of yesteryear to refresh my memory, maybe even try to recall the first Dean Koontz book that I read…WOAH! That fella can write!

I forgot just how many books of his were out there. What is he: A man or a word processor in human form? For any of you that have read his stuff, the latter is more than possible and equally believable. When it comes to suspension of belief, this guy has it bound in layers of duck tape,  twizzled in a hammock and is dangling it from so high above the clouds that they look like tiny wisps of cotton wool… if imagination were measured via the Richter scale, then Dean Koontz would be 10.0+ …and then some.

Not bad for someone that still can’t believe anyone would want to read what he writes.

If you haven’t read any DK then (shame on you!) check out some of his early stuff. My personal faves are ‘Life expectancy‘, ‘The Sole Survivor‘ and ‘Breathless‘.

“But what’s this week’s blog about Saffi?”

Oh yeah, sorry, I got carried away.

Meet Odd Thomas.

Odd is one of my very favourite characters, ever! Probably only playing second-fiddle to Scout in ‘To kill a Mockingbird’ and Annie Wilkes  in ‘Misery‘.

Odd rocks! (if you’re reading this Mr. Koontz, I don’t mind you using this as a title for book seven or eight…) 😉

You need Odd in your life. I mean, let’s face it, who doesn’t?

‘Odd Apocalypse’ is the fifth outing for Odd in a great series that I defy anyone with an atom if imagination not to love.

Let’s look at the clues:

Odd is immortal (so far)

Odd has Elvis as a bezzie (or at least his ghost)

Odd cooks a mean breakfast

Odd can see dead people.

What is not to love?

Nothing. I love Odd.

BUT…(you knew it was coming, right?) number five is not my favourite. In fact, dare I say it, it is my least fave of all five books. That doesn’t mean it isn’t great, it just means that, like everything and everyone in life (even odd people), Odd has changed.

I won’t post any spoilers here for those of you that haven’t read it yet or want to start from the beginning, but Odd Apocalypse takes a slight swerve from the direction of the earlier stuff and veers more toward Sci-fi than fantasy/horror. Nothing wrong with that, but I enjoyed it a teensy-weentsy bit less. So shoot me.

It is still a great read, brilliantly written and still wonderfully odd. You won’t be disappointed if you let Odd into your life, nor will you ever feel quite so alone ever again… 😉

Odd, we all wish we’d met you, just the once and Mr. K, please hurry with the next one (although I won’t be hugely gutted if you get Odd a new spirit-friend).

Step over the squishy, slidy mucky stuff and leave it for someone else to tread in. Odd would. And remember, there’s a little bit of Odd in all of us.



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