‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Run & Gun’ by Terry Galanoy

Howdy! (you’ll see what I did there a little later in the post).

’tis that day again.

Yup, you guessed it. It’s Sunday and we’re just not putting up with any crap!

It seems, neither did the amazing Nicola Adams on Thursday when she became the first woman in history to win a Gold Medal in boxing at the Olympics! What a fight! Not only did she make the world champion look like she was attempting to box her way out of the proverbial paper bag, but she did it by some margin.

Nicola was just one of our athletes that has (so far – at the time of writing this. Who knows, me may just bag ourselves one last medal in something obscure like extreme blind-folded ironing) added to our biggest haul of shiny round things EVER!

London 2012 has been indescribable. The atmosphere and support that all the athletes have had, in every single sport/discipline has been amazing. Every event has been packed. There’s been singing and bands and Mexican waves, people in silly outfits and even one or two world records broken.

Team GB have exceeded everyone’s expectations, including mine. We have won Gold in events that we have dominated over the last four years, like cycling and sailing, but we have also shone in stuff that we’re not historically good at (think long jump and Tae kwon do). Some will say it is the home support, others will put it down to us getting better at sport as a nation, there’s even the usual accusations that we might have cheated (jealous much?). Say what you will, this has been the best Olympics for Great Britain ever and probably will be for some time to come.

However we got there and whatever the tally ends up being later today, I for one, don’t care.

History has been made.

Things will never be the same, especially for the women of the world. It has been dubbed ‘The Womens’ Games’ and whether you agree or not, we’ve come a long way from throwing ourselves under horses. Now, we’re riding them to Gold in the dressage, beating the worlds’ best over 7 events and ranking in the top 5 of the beautiful game.

These gals ain’t gonna sit in the corner any more! Unless it’s in the ring. 😉 Hell, I can hear Calamity Jane firing off a salute up there right now.

London, as the curtain comes down on a spectular games, the world has watched and they’re smiling. You did us proud.

Speaking of girls and guns (well, guns at least) brings me nicely to what we’re here for today.

Everyone loves a good adventure, right?

There aren’t many people out there that didn’t watch Indiana Jones and wish, just a little bit, that they could swing from ropes in cavernous underground mines and stumble across Aztec gold in the far reaches of an ancient burial site. Yup, there’s a little bit of adventure in all of us, whether you like to admit it or not.

And if you do admit it, then this book is most definitely for you.

‘Run & Gun’ is by acclaimed author Terry Galanoy. Now this guy’s resume (I know, it’s a CV, but just go with it, okay?) is pretty impressive:

Award-winning journalist and magazine editor, best-selling hardcover author, writer and Director of television documentaries and news/interviews programming and film screenplays, educator in the new professional writing programs at several leading universities and ASCAP lyricist are just some of his qualifications. Oh and he writes a pretty mean adventure thriller too!

Here’s the blurb:

New York network TV news cameraman Andy Cooper is dragooned into covering a National Geographic-type TV special searching for the lost billions in gold and emeralds of the legendary Eldorado; treasures long- hidden in a mysterious lake at the 10,000 foot level in the Colombian cloud forests.

What he finds is guns, gold, greed, treachery and the enigmatic and beautiful museum curator Celia who might be the biggest danger of all.

This adventure thriller was optioned by a producer of the Die Hard movie series for a major motion picture. It may yet come to pass.

Sounds good yeah?

Well, that’s because it is.

But hey, don’t take my word for it, find out for yourself. Just move the little white arrow-thingy over the pretty writing with the neat line under it and press the mouse button.


Amazon UK



Hear that noise? There ya go. Easy innit? 😉 You could be in for a medal in book buying yourself, you made it look soooo easy!

So, that’s me done for another week. I’m off to blub at the closing ceremony and wonder what the hell I’m going to do with myself now that the Olympics are done.

I’m guessing I won’t be alone on that one.

Hope you had a great weekend. Tada until next Sunday


PS. Oops, I almost forgot (not that you need telling now) watch out for the mounds of sloppy brown stuff, might wanna give them a swerve! 😉

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Run & Gun’ by Terry Galanoy
  1. annerallen says:

    Terry Galanoy is a fantastic writer. Thanks for featuring his book!

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