‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘11.22.63’ by Stephen King


Go Team GB! 😉

Phew, we’ve certainly had reason to celebrate this week with some supremely superhuman efforts in the Olympics from ALL countries! The highlight of my week so far though was the Team GB Ladies football team beating Brazil 1-0 and a historic day for Womens’ football across the world as it was watched by over 70,000 people at Wembley. And yesterday will go down in history as the greatest night of athletics this country has ever seen. Jessica Ennis, you are a superwoman and Mo Farah, ledge.

I am really looking forward to another week of this wondrous event and more medals!

Anyho’ back to the matter in hand.

We’d all like the chance to rewind on occasion and take something back we’ve said or done right? God knows, my pause, reverse and delete button would be a mere smudge on the remote control by now if we could, but what if you actually got the chance?

What if you knew you were travelling back in time and repeatedly changing the course of events and possibly history, huh?

This weeks book is from one of my all-time favourite writers, Stephen King. The master of horror.

‘11.22.63’ is the only SK book I have read in the last two or three years, because like the subject of last week’s BtB, I felt that his writing had ‘gone off’ a bit. I read ‘Cell‘ , ‘Duma Key‘ and ‘Under the dome‘ through nothing more than a sense of loyalty, but I didn’t particularly enjoy them. In fact, worse than that, I didn’t actually get them. I didn’t see the point.

To me, it felt like he had run out of Stephen-steam and had literally just dredged up any idea that might be relevant to something going on in the world at that point (although, a slightly distorted version of it) and tried to make it into a story. I mean, like I said last week, it can’t be easy when you have so many books to your name, to write something brilliant and different every time.

Me? I just wouldn’t bother. If I found myself writing for the market or the latest ‘en-vogue’ trend in publishing, then I would leave it where it belonged – in my head or on my hard drive. Unless of course the world has suddenly decided that they had a penchant for crossbreeding angels, posh barristers that defend vampires and a restaurant that doubles as a dining place for flesh-craving necrophiles’ (hey, after the Fifty Shades phenomenon, anything is possible!) in which case, I would happily stick it on Amazon and share the love! 😉

So when I saw this:

I was a tad skeptical. BUT, the sub-title and the blurb, reeled me in like a big, fat, juicy, wriggling maggot would a starving Marlin and I magicked it onto my Kindle where the tiny, e-ink elves spent several nights translating it and building a wall of words out of almost invisible pixels. (come on, I’ve read Terry Pratchett and Clive Barker too you know)

I finished it in three nights.

My beloved master of the macabre and mysterious was back and back with a vengeance! Stephen was once again King.

11.22.63 feels like Stephen King. The setting is Stephen King, the characters are Stephen King. Hell, if they make it into a film, which they undoubtedly will, he might even just appear in it, it’s soooo Stephen King. There’s even a few discreet nods (and some not so discreet) to previous books and characters in it. It is Stephen King all over – thank God!

A brilliant return to form, a brilliant read and a brilliant glimpse at what might just happen if we had the power to alter the unalterable.

So just remember, when you get that strange feeling of de-ja vu and you know exactly what is going to happen next…go with it. No matter how tempted you are to take that left turn when you know you should go straight on, or to say those five words that you kept quiet about before: don’t.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the Olympics and as ever, steer clear of anything brown and smelly.




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4 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘11.22.63’ by Stephen King
  1. According to the disclaimer all characters and events in the book are fiction and any similarity to real people living or dead is coincidental. Amazing coincidence that dead president being in the book with the same name and everything…

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