‘Banning the bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Broken Resolutions’ by Cheryl Shireman

Ok, we all do it right? Make them and break them.

Resolutions, I mean.

I made one back in January 2012. Wanna know what it was? To ban the bullshit on this blog. See here.

It is probably the only New Years’ resolution that I have ever made and stuck to. 😉

So, here we are again. Sunday, without the crap. If only life was like that eh? Well, I’ve got news for you: it isn’t. So get over it.

But, there’s one thing I can promise you. You won’t get any bullshit here. Nope. Just cold, hard facts about great books. What more could you ask for?

And so to a woman that likes nothing better than to write at home in her PJs. Yup, you heard right.

Cheryl Shireman was one of our very first writers to join MWiDP and we are working on some very exciting projects with her. She is one of our best-selling authors. It’s not hard to see why. Her first book, Life is but a dream was uber-successful. So much so, that her readers begged her to write a sequel.

So she did.

Here it is:

And with a blurb like this, who could resist? Go on, you know you want to. 😉

From the author who created Life is But a Dream, comes the much anticipated second novel – Broken Resolutions

Six long-time friends gather for their annual New Year’s Eve party. They are meeting at Craig and Hannah’s spectacular home in the country. Hannah is a best-selling romance novelist. Craig is her adoring husband. All seems perfect.

Except nothing is. No one knows that Craig left Hannah several months ago and is living across town with another woman. Tonight, Craig and Hannah will play the part one more time. Because tomorrow will be soon enough for broken dreams and reality. Tonight, they just have to get through the party.

But they didn’t plan on the snowstorm. A snowstorm that will keep them all snowed in together for the next three days – including two ex-spouses who have both brought dates! Anyone can “play nice” for a short time, but three days is plenty of time for secrets to be discovered, for illusions to be shattered, and for resolutions to be broken.

So, dab a little perfume behind your ear, put your party dress on, and slip into your favorite heels. You’re invited to the party!

Link time:

Amazon UK




Ahhhh, *sigh*. I really don’t know how I do it.

Another week. Another blog. Another fabulous book and all free of the brown stuff. Well… almost.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Been dying to do that for ages! 🙂

Until next week. Stay bullshit free.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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3 comments on “‘Banning the bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Broken Resolutions’ by Cheryl Shireman
  1. annerallen says:

    What a great cover! I’m so glad Cheryl has a sequel to Life is But a Dream!

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