‘Banning The Bullshit Sunday’: ‘Academic Body’ by Shirley S. Allen

Did someone say Sunday? Really? What happened to the other days of the week? Huh? Oh yeah, that’s right, they were filled with the sloppy brown stuff! Forget about ’em. 🙂

So, here’s one for you? What have Maine, New England and Agatha Christie got in common? (Not much, I hear you cry). Well, you’d be wrong…

Aside from being one of the places on my most-want-to-visit bucket list and home to one of my favourite writers, this weeks’ BtB book is set there, AND, if you like a good Agatha-esque mystery then you will LOVE this. Guarantee it. I mean, would I bullshit ya? Right. 😉

‘Academic Body‘ is a classy, beautifully written and hilarious farce that will transport you effortlessly to college town Maine and leave you hopelessly trying to sleuth your way through to the end and figure out whodunnit.

Brilliant and charming.

Here’s the blurb and what readers have said about it:

A retired theatrical director struggles with a new career as drama professor at a small, Maine college while trying to woo his wife away from the New York stage.

When he finds himself a murder suspect, he becomes a reluctant sleuth with only three weeks in which to solve all three problems.

Shirley Allen has used her expertise as a writer and a former academician to write a little gem of a mystery in the tradition of Agatha Christie. Ms. Allen has assembled a cast of suspects, each with a distinctive voice (and vice), to lead the reader sniffing through clues like a rat in a maze. The result, Academic Body, is both entertaining and thought-provoking.
Paul Godwin, a Broadway theatrical director disabled by a cardiac disorder, has turned, in his retirement, to teaching drama at a small Maine college. The murder of the officious dean has forced Godwin, unwillingly, into the role of amateur sleuth. The dean has given a number of faculty members motives for wanting him dead. In spite of having little assistance from the local police, Godwin methodically sifts through the evidence in a way that would make Christie’s Hercule Poirot cheer–as will the reader of this well-written, suspense-filled book.

And here’s the kinda-important link things:

Amazon UK




So, erm, well, that’s it. Totally BS free and straight to the point. What more can you ask for?


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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7 comments on “‘Banning The Bullshit Sunday’: ‘Academic Body’ by Shirley S. Allen
  1. annerallen says:

    Thanks so much for the shout-out for my Mom’s wonderful book, Saffi. A nice little present for Mother’s Day, which is today in the US! BTW, Maine is actually part of New England. The Maine customs and accents are rather like Lincolnshire. They never use the front door of a house, either.

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  3. […] ‘Banning The Bullshit Sunday’: ‘Academic Body’ by Shirley S. Allen (sapphicscribe.wordpress.com) […]

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