‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Gisborne’ by Prue Batten

N’awwww come on, it can’t be that time again already, can it?

Yup, sure is! BtB Sunday is here again and thank *@!* for that I say.

So, despite having my right arm in a sling from a particularly nasty hockey injury (ruptured clavicle and shoulder joint) I am still bringing you BtB, if not somewhat left-handed and typo-ridden. (what a trooper eh?)

This week has surpassed itself in the smouldering stacks of shite stakes here in literary land, so I am desperately in need of a reprieve. A whiff of good, clean, fresh air without the stench of crap wafting into my nostrils…

And here it is:

Now if ever there was a man that you wouldn’t want to be giving any bullshit to, it’s Guy of Gisborne; long-hailed foe of Robin Hood himself.

He was one scary mo’fo, or so we thought…

Prue Batten has other ideas.

I asked Prue for a ‘bullshit-free’ quote for this post, something to explain the reasoning behind writing Gisborne, its characters and why she chose the path she did for this story. It seems that she has already explained all of this in previous interviews; so, rather than fill this post with BS, this is what she said:

Given that this segment is called BtB, probably the most ‘lacking in ‘BS’ comments’ I’ve ever made are in the three links below: an in-depth 3 part interview on why I wrote Gisborne the way I did.




The medieval age fascinates me, the seeding ground for the Renaissance, the foundation of so much that would support the world as it developed and grew. To throw a man and a woman into that setting, to have them battling through Europe or the Middle Sea, maybe even the Holy Land as they sought to redress the damage in their personal lives, maybe even to seek revenge or have revenge sought upon them … it just seemed a story that needed to be told. And to shatter the centuries-long image of Guy of Gisborne as Robin Hood’s arch nemesis? Goodness, I love shattering preconceptions and creating new ones.

Cool huh? Even my contributors are getting the hang of this! 😉

Now in true BtB nature, I am gonna ‘fess up right now and tell you that this kind of book isn’t my bag. Or should I say, wasn’t. Obviously, as co-bosswoman of MWiDP, I have to help Mark read all of our submissions (I mean, we wouldn’t want to be publishing any old dross now would we?) so I reluctantly picked this up when it landed in my inbox.

Prue’s voice is truly unique and the way she breathes life into her characters is a thing to behold. Guy of Gisborne not only becomes a real person, with a life, love and labours beyond that of presumed history, but she manages to create a place and time that comes alive like a pop-up story book from the pages, in 3D with Dolby surround sound.

As I say in my introduction to this book, you will find yourself booking a travelling holiday in search of Moncrieff castle, so vivid and curvaceous are her descriptions of it!

So, get it, yeah? What possible reason is there for not getting it? Huh?

I can’t think of one…


Amazon UK


Amazon France

Amazon Germany

Happy (crap free) Sunday.



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20 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Gisborne’ by Prue Batten
  1. Gisborne Book of Pawns will be appearing on B&N any time now and will join Apple, Kobo, Waterstone’s, Foyles and a host of other sites just as soon as the upload filters through.

    As for injuries – I knew Saffi would do something to top my snake bite. 🙂

  2. Prue Batten says:

    Thanks for featuring Gisborne, Saffi and for your words.
    As to injuries, ye Gods! Find the paracetamol or codeine and spend time with your Kindle. There are benefits to injury, just occassionally!

  3. haha, i wish, can’t take tablets, only paracetamol, they don’t agree with me. suffering in sorta silence!

  4. mark, at least mine is non-poisonous!

  5. if i wasn’t in so much pain, i would call you a pedant! 😉

  6. Feel better soon, Saffi–that sounds like an awful injury. Worse if you can’t take the good meds. Gisborne is on my Kindle awaiting me. I know it will be a delicious read for this long-time Robin Hood fan.

  7. Charley R says:

    School internet! Y U no let me see piccies? *pouts*

    As a fellow medieval history addict, I absolutely positively MUST get my mits on this book … the minute I have more money … and have read all the others sitting on my desk and on my Kindle, looking reproachful … *facepalm*

  8. This reminds me I really do need to fill up my Kindle. I have a delicious vacation weekend sans kids coming up, which include to long plane flights… aka book devouring time.

    Not to mention I just have to get more Prue Batten books. I enjoyed A Thousand Paperwieghts (sorry if I bungled the title, my brain got a bit of sun today) so much I really do want more. :}

    And Saffi – oh my hockey can be such a brutal sport. I hope you heal up well!

    :} Cathryn

  9. servetus says:

    Thanks for linking to the interview. Not that I seek to be bullshit free as a particular goal, but I did think it was an unusually honest one.

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