‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Danger Danger’ by Gerry McCullough

Sheesh! Really? Is it that day already? It comes around really quickly; most of the time, not nearly quickly enough though!

So, before the roof falls in under the weight of that cow-pat of crap being dropped from a great height by most writers/bloggers out there, let’s crack the window and let in the fresh air of Spring; the smell of meadows and the first cut grass of the year and BAN THE BULLSHIT!

OK, so today I would like to point you in the direction of a very different book. I mean, come on, even the title is devoid of shite. ‘Danger Danger’ by Gerry McCullough.

You pretty much know what you’re in for from the off, right? Well, yes and no. Sure, it does exactly what it says on the tin, but don’t be fooled that this is your typical romantic suspense novel – ‘cos you’d be wrong.

This book is about life. Real life. OK, it may not be your life, but it has that “I know where you’re coming from” feel to it.  Here’s the blurb:

“Two lives in parallel – twin sisters separated at birth, but their lives take strangely similar and dangerous roads until the final collision which hurls each of them to the edge of disaster.

Katie and her gambling boyfriend Dec find themselves threatened with peril from the people Dec has cheated. Jo-Anne (Annie) through her boyfriend Steven finds herself in the hands of much more dangerous crooks.

Can they survive and achieve safety and happiness?”

So what’s so great about this book? Read the reviews.

All 5 stars so far and deservedly so.

Two sisters, separated at birth, following different life paths. A story set in Belfast against a backdrop of drugs, local gang culture and woven together with believable, heart-wrenching realism, racing toward a nail-biting climax. What’s not to love?

Come on, you know you want to.

Gerry’s other award-winning thrillerslashlovestoryslashcomedyslashsuspensenovel, ‘Belfast Girls’ is available here and if you fancy some wonderful shorts, set in Donegal following Old Seamus, then this is the book for you! (all titles available on Amazon and Belfast Girls is available on B&N too)

Either way,  miss Gerry at your peril.

Dang, you can even visit her website here.

See, no bull, just facts and great books. Phew, I don’t know how I do it… 😉

See ya next week. You know I will 🙂



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4 comments on “‘Banning the Bullshit’ Sunday: ‘Danger Danger’ by Gerry McCullough
  1. I’m really looking forward to reading this. Sounds like a fantastic adventure!

  2. Saffi, thanks both for the post and for the brilliant things you’ve said about my book! I’d like the world to – what is it? Learn to sing? – no, read this, that’s what I’m saying!

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