The inbetweeners – having your cake and eating and it…and eating it…and eating it

Transgenrered, that’s us.
No, it’s not a spelling mistake or typo and I’m not having surgery (any more anyway!), it’s just the new buzz word for indie authors and the retrieval of the key from the long-time gatekeepers.
My co-writer blogged about this a few days ago and our scroll-like list of WIPs’, cast your peepers over this: Markwilliamsinternational
Writers are taking back the controls and flying solo.
No longer do we have to stick to writing thrillers, sci-fi, chic-lit or fluffy romance novels. We are free to do what we want, any old time.
Speaking of taking the helm, good friend and fellow cross-writer, Mel Comley is doing exactly the same thing. Shrugging off the heavy shackles of dead tree publishing and branching out in a new and uncharted direction.
She popped in today to tell us about stepping out of the DTP closet:
Hi Saffina,
Thanks so much for inviting me to your blog on this fine sunny afternoon.
I’ve been writing thrillers and police procedural novels for years and had much success with my Justice series, which includes the top rated thriller Impeding Justice.
But I fancied a bit of a change and have just released a romance, A Time to Heal. It’s a feel good story that starts off with a bang! Not in that sense mind  The opening scene is about a plane crash and that’s where our main characters, Chloe and Steve meet. But it’s not all lovey dovey, there’s conflict aplenty when the ex-wife comes on the scene.
A Time to Heal went live this morning and has already received its first review. I’m so pleased the reviewer liked it, it’s always nerve-wracking when, as a writer, you tackle something new as you of all people know!
Here’s the links to where you can buy my latest book.
Thanks Mel and we wish you every success with your new book!
As we speak, we have released ‘Snow White’ and it has got off to a great start. It is very different to ‘Sugar & Spice’ but it is still a crime thriller (with a fairy’s kiss of fantasy thrown in) and we stuck with genre ; BUT…
Anyone who knows me OR Mark, will tell you that we ain’t very traditional. We don’t follow the crowd and we certainly don’t do as we’re told!
Mark and I spent the whole of last week going over the next few books and throwing ideas around for other new ventures. Some of them are great, some of them are risky, some of them are just downright crazy, but they’re all ours and they’re all different.
Why follow the crowd? I like being transgenrered…
We can do what we want.
So if you’re not your run-of-the mill writer who does as the agents/publishers say, then jump on board. Be loud and proud!
Along with working on book two of the Rose Red series, the new chic-lit China Town series and Equilibrium, we are collaborating with two feisty YA rebels on St. Mallory’s Forever!, which is just awesome! Charley and Miriam are gonna help us set the world on fire and re-write the ‘how to sell a million books in thirty seconds using only an old Sinclair C5 and cheese grater’ handbook.
Why just eat cake? Why not eat it, share it, throw it at people and see if it sticks?

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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6 comments on “The inbetweeners – having your cake and eating and it…and eating it…and eating it
  1. susielindau says:

    I can relate! I am writing my first book and pray that some day it is viewed as very different as well.
    Great article!

  2. Ruth Harris says:

    Your post could not possible be more à propos. Although I’ve long written bestselling women’s fiction, my DH & I just finished a medical-political thriller with global settings. God, did I love getting into murder, assassination, high-level intrigue, conniving politicians & greedy billionaires not to mention charismatic youth doctors, bored socialites and NKVD-trained killers.

    Really, Saffi, a breath of fresh air. lol

  3. Tom Winton says:

    Terrific blog Saffina and Mel!

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