Aid an indie #16: Dangerous Times by Phillip Frey



 Frank Moore arrives in San Pedro because he has found his look-alike, auto-mechanic John Kirk.  A close-enough double who Frank plans to use as his scapegoat.

Frank hacks into government databases and switches their identities and fingerprints.  Frank then learns how to become John Kirk while he plays cat and mouse with him.  Later, Kirk is killed, the body left to be identified as Frank’s.

In a single heist, Frank murders his way to the millions in cash he needs to lift his malevolence to an outrageous level.

But first Frank must hide out with the money and pose as John Kirk.  Frank has a good time performing sex and murder, until the women in this story bring him the unforeseen – while he has no idea his plan is falling apart.

John Kirk has survived the attempt on his life, left with the loss of memory.  He carries the phony ID Frank had planted on him and believes he is Frank Moore.

Confused and desperate, Kirk is mistakenly chased after for the stolen money and sent through 48 hours of violence, murder, love and betrayal.

In San Pedro, an innocent man is hunted down without knowing why, pegged for death by a malevolent criminal who comes to town with a fresh angle on evil.    

 “A villain to die for.” — reviewed by jasmis39.

 “When I began to read Dangerous Times I thought it not much of a crime thriller.  But when I got a little deeper into the book I was rewarded with a rush of unpredictable chapters that yanked me all the way to the end.” — reviewed by Daniel Duffy

Phillip Frey grew up in Cleveland, Ohio, where he performed as a child actor at The Cleveland Playhouse.  He later moved to Los Angeles and performed in local theater.  Phillip then relocated in New York, where he performed with The New York Shakespeare Festival, followed by The Repertory Theatre of Lincoln Center.  With a change of interest Phillip wrote, directed, and edited 3 short films, all of which had international showings, including The New York Film Festival.  With yet another change of interest he returned to Los Angeles to become a produced screenwriter.  “Dangerous Times” is Phillip Frey’s first novel.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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