Aid an indie writer #12: Manifesting Daddy by Donna Butler

GENRE: Women’s Fiction

BOOK TITLE:  Manifesting Daddy

PEN-NAME:  Donna Butler


For wife and mom, Melanie Brodie, the path to wholeness is full of surprises. And a few obstacles. The “You Suck Chorus” has taken control of her mind, convincing her that she’s unloved, unfit and undeserving of a life worth waking up to. Depressed and fed up, all she wants to do is tell her troubles to “Daddy”, her hero, but he’s been dead more than thirty years. Her young, Chinese shrink tries to help her. So do her best friends with their pep talks and supernatural ceremonies. But it is Austin, the sexy, black, new neighbor who shows her that where her bliss lies, so does her self-esteem. It would be so easy to fall in love with him, especially with a marriage as rocky as hers. But that odd, familiar spark in his eyes holds clues to a metaphysical mystery.



Donna lives in the Kansas City area suburbs with her fiance and two cats. In addition to writing, she loves animals, gardening, cooking, fireworks, drag queens, cute purses and most things described as “out there” or metaphysical. In her second novel, Clutter, to be released in March, 2011, the girl who has everything becomes the girl who can’t part with anything, when tragedy turns her into a hoarder.

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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