Aid an indie writer #11: Drum Dance by Bonnie Turner

Drum Dance is a young-adult novel set in the late 1930s at Gjoa Haven, in Canada’s central Arctic, near the area where Sir John Franklin and his crew froze to death searching for the Northwest Passage.

Seventeen-year-old David Jansson agrees to spend two years at an isolated fur-trading post with his estranged father, Per Jansson, manager for the Hudson’s Bay Company. David hasn’t seen his dad for five years, and the hot-tempered man he finds is not the gentle father he remembers—he has become a domineering, abusive alcoholic.

David soon regrets his decision, but tries to make the best of a bad situation and follow his dad’s strict orders: absolutely no contact with the beautiful half-blood girl, Nipesha, nor the intimidating shaman, Naigo, who ignores Inuit tradition and wants the white youth for his apprentice—a creepy old man who appears in David’s room in the middle of the night, then vanishes before his eyes. David’s emotions are torn while denying his own paranormal abilities and blaming Per for his mother’s death.

To escape an intolerable situation in a land where escape is nearly impossible, David stubbornly risks his life by underestimating the weather—and his own heart—when he ignores a basic truth: The Arctic seldom gives a man a second chance.

“Birch bark canoes were made for rivers and lakes,” Per said, “not the icy waters of the Arctic. Fall out of this, you’ll freeze before you drown!”

“Booksellers, librarians and readers are always saying they’re looking for something original to read. Well, they need look no further than Drum Dance, a refreshing YA novel with an accomplished voice and a strong sense of place.” ~ Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of The Twin’s Daughter

Wisconsin author Bonnie Turner has published four juvenile books and one adult novel set in the Great Depression (Face the Winter Naked).

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Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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