Aid an indie writer week #2: Lovestruck Succubus by Ellison James

Ok, here’s indie author week #2’s offering:

Lovestruck Succubus by Ellison James

Genre:  Paranormal Erotic Fantasy

Her Love is “to die for.” Azra just wants a loving relationship, But her kind of love kills. Ousted from her world, pursued by a Police Detective for crimes against men, her prospects of mortal love look bleak. That is, until she finds the one man strong enough to survive her. But he’s the one chasing her, and he harbors a dark secret of his own. Can they survive each other or will their secrets destroy them both? See the book trailer on the author page, or on youtube.

Purchase links:

Amazon UK

Amazon US:


The book is available in ebook format and paperback through Amazon US. Price for ebook is $2.99 US/2.26 UK

Price at Barnes & Noble dot com is $3.99 
Price for paperback at Amazon US: $6.99
Author Ellison James is offering a FREE download code to anyone who is willing to leave a review in exchange.
Please contact him at: for more details.

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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5 comments on “Aid an indie writer week #2: Lovestruck Succubus by Ellison James
  1. James says:

    Thank you so much for posting my book information, Saffina.

    Now, for those of you reading this, I hope you check out my novel. But, moreover, I hope you find Saffina’s novel “Sugar and Spice” and buy it for a read that will truly entertain and inspire.

    Thanks again for your post.

  2. Teresa Linfitt says:

    I have read Saffina’s book and thought it was fantastic. I’ve downloaded your sample after Saffina recommended your book on facebook and so far it’s great, wish I had more time on my hands to get through it quicker!

  3. Teresa Linfitt says:

    finished the sample last night so just downloaded this book!

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