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Today’s blog is all about building…building your presence on the net.

I have mentioned this before, but until I actually started doing it, I had no idea just how hard it is. I tip my bobbled, snowboarding hat to anyone who has successfully created a social media platform for them selves. If you are new to the writing life (and I mean life) then whatever you do, do NOT underestimate what is required and how much work you will have to put in. I repeat, do NOT.

I have joined boards, linked blogs, emailed reviewers and added other blogs to my blog roll, I have twittered, liked, reviewed others and answered emails. I have blogged, tagged and waffled on until I couldn’t look at my laptop without feeling sick. Believe me, it isn’t for the faint-hearted.

I had no idea just how important doing this was, until I started doing it.

Kristen Lamb (Warriorwriter) written a whole book on it, I intend to buy it.

It is like a spider spinning a web. A great big, world wide web.

I would love to hear from other writers who have started to or are still, wading through the treacle of social media platform building. I’d like to know your thoughts and your pains on this process. It’ll help. Just to know, I am not alone.



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3 comments on “The write stuff
  1. James says:

    Wow! You’ve hit the nail right on the head with this post. Or maybe, you drove the stake right into my heart. As you know, I’ve just made the decision to be an independent author; writing, publishing, marketing, and selling my first novel (under a pen name) on my own. I only took this on because, after much research, I found that, even if I had an agent and was backed by a big publishing house, I would still be expected to take on much of the task of marketing myself, myself.

    I am finding this to be a hugely daunting task. I think I’m actually suffering from eye strain with all the time I’ve spent lately on blogs, social networking sites, twitter, project wonderful, and everything else I can think of to put myself out there. Funny, I never suffered from eye strain while spending hours late at night writing.

    In fact, I’m spending so much time and effort on marketing my most current work that my work on projects is coming to a terrible and screaching halt.

    Is it all worth it? would I do it again? You bet! and next time I’ll have the benefit of all the mistakes I made this time. I’m finally starting to see some positive results after friending everyone in the northern hemisphere and even making a trailer video for youtube.

    I’m also realizing that, while my sales may not put me onto the bestseller list, the sale are, for the most part, all mine. even at a low price, I feel like am giving my readers a good value for their money, and I see more benefit from my work. On top of all this, I’m glad that I still maintain the rights to my work.

    All this said, I still don’t quite understand how to put together a blog tour. I certainly wish someone would write a book about that. Do you think I might find information on this in Kristen Lamb’s book?

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