S’no fun

Well, good morning!

For the past three/four days Good ol’ Blighty has been in the grips of an Arctic wind that has brought us very early snow and whilst it looks pretty and is helping with the festive spirit, it also brings the country to its knees! Schools are closed, roads are treacherous and our local authorities panic buy salt! We really are unprepared for bad weather…

As a writer, that is also true.

I honestly believed that it wouldn’t be that difficult to break into the wonderful world of fiction writing and become a successful author. I was also massively unprepared for how much time and effort would be involved in establishing an on-line presence, updating blogs,  research and finding an agent. It is more than a full-time job (and yes, I have one of those too); it is a way of life!

Not only do we have to live with the voices of random people in our head and the desperate need to translate their rants into stories, but we have to create a persona for the public too.  It is like leading several lives at once. I feel like I am having an affair, being unfaithful to my life!

And as for writing… I hardly do any of that!

So, after yet another ‘thanks for letting us read your sample chapters, we loved your book but don’t think it’s for us’ rejection letter, it is time to move on to something more ‘commercial’ (insert the word acceptable there if you prefer) than Sugar & Spice and write something that agents might actually want to push.

The idea for The Snow White Series popped into my head a few months ago whilst thinking that there weren’t many modern-day, popular, female protagonists around (save for the ever-wonderful Kay Scarpetta), let alone one who had to battle more than the everyday chores of being a girl-cop in a man’s world, and so DCI Cass White was b0rn.

Following the untimely murder of her Chief Superintendent by The Huntsman, she embarks upon a series of cases, all based around classic fairy tales, but with a modern twist.

I am excited and hope to have the first book completed within the next six months, all the time, still hoping that someone will be brave enough to champion Sugar & Spice.

In the meantime, it is still available to download via Smashwords using the link on my blogroll.


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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3 comments on “S’no fun
  1. DarcKnyt says:

    Hey, Saffy, did you know that once you publish a story, even electronically, no one will pick it up for representation? And be careful — low sales numbers will likely follow you around. You have to be brave enough to go it alone when you self-epub, and it’s scary and lonely a lot of the time.

    Good luck on your new novels! 🙂

    • I know that, I figured that it was the only option with S&S. won’t be the route I take with Snow White, but I figured I would at least get some feedback on my writing if nothing else. Agents (and presumably publishers) are just too uncomfortable with its subject matter to risk it. So, I see you are starting a new book? Well done! If you want someone to sound it out with, I’m your gal. I have added your blog to my blogroll btw. Happy writing!

      • DarcKnyt says:

        I figured you probably DID know, just wanted to make sure. The post indicated you’re hoping someone will pick it up now that you’ve published it, so I wanted to clarify.

        Thanks for the blogroll add! I’ll put you on mine as soon as I’m able (long story). 🙂

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