Hell hath no fury….

Good afternoon!

What a lovely, sunny and exceptionally COLD day it is! Brrrrr…. I love this time of the year: leaves changing colour and falling off the trees, frosts in the morning, the windscreen in my car taking five minutes to defrost, Rooney making the biggest mistake of his life…….

What? Not more football, I hear you cry! OK, so I admit it, it is a little bit about football, but bear with me, there is a sub-plot to my post. 😉

So, Wayne Rooney is at it again. Not content with betraying his partner and wife, he is now hell-bent on turning his back on his club and the millions of fans who have supported him. But the biggest betrayal of all, dissin’ Fergie! I mean, I know the bloke never professed to be all that clever (Rooney, that is), but come on! Mess with Sir Alex??? Pfft! Just ask the likes of David Beckham, Jap Staam, Keano and many others who got too big for the club and challenged him, what it did for their careers? Silly, silly boy.

Ok, enough of the football references, I’ll get to the point. Betrayal and the consequences and how it relates to Equilibrium.

Jess finds herself in an awkward position and is torn between not only two lovers, but two rival camps: good and evil, doing the right thing or following her darkest desires. What would you do? Is it enough to know that you ‘did the right thing’ in the end, or are you sacrificing your happiness because you just should?

Answers on a postcard to Mr. W. Rooney, The bench, Old Trafford…… 😉

Saff. x


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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