Free at last!


So, the Chilean miners are starting to surface today – at last! They’ve been rescued.

How wonderful for them to finally see and feel the sunlight once more, inhale fresh air, walk around unrestricted. After all that time underground, their elation at finally being above the surface is plain for all to see.

I am sure that after they are reunited with loved ones, have a good shower and a meal; sleep for a couple of days, they will be altogether normal again. Don’t get  me wrong, their ordeal has been horrific, unimaginable even, but our primal instinct is to adapt, to cope – it’s what we’re good at.

In Equilibrium, after their cover is blown and the police raid the club, the girls are forced back underground, back to their lair in the disused tube stations.  Back to living in darkness,  feeding in squalor and generally giving up the luxury they had become accustomed to.

Not only that, they are forced to face up to the fact that they are actually vampires…….

It’s all right when you’re sipping ‘Chateau Pure blood’ from solid, crystal glasses, your Tiffany bracelet rattling against them, but is it quite so appealing when you’re biting the heads off rats?

What would you choose? Is being a vampire all it’s cracked up to be? How would you feel if we hadn’t glamorised it with Interview, Lost Boys, Twilight, True Blood and the likes? What if Edward Cullen looked like John Merrick and Jason Stackhouse let his six pack turn to jelly?

Would being banished to eternal darkness and living forever be quite so alluring? 😉

Saffy. xx

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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