Potty about Potter?

Well hello!

So, it’s finally here. The trailer for the first installment of the final Harry Potter, The Deathly Hallows. I am sure that millions of kids and adults alike are eagerly awaiting this release and it will be every bit as successful as everything else that the money-making machine that is J.K. Rowling, has touched.

You can’t fault the woman. As a business woman, mother, female icon and successful author…..you got to hand it to her. From her humble beginnings, writing in a cafe in Scotland to keep warm, to her red-carpet and body-guarded existence now. Good luck to her.

BUT…..what do you think of her as a writer? Some of her books have come under fire in literary circles in the past.  Some say that The Scorcerer’s Stone should have opened with a Prologue and that the opening chapter was too long, confusing readers with POV switch, The New York Times even suggested that her ‘storytelling sputtered’…..

Love her or loathe her as a writer, you can’t deny the mass appeal that ALL of the books had. Personally, I enjoyed them all as a reader, but not so much as a writer (if I can call myself one now!).

What do you think? Will they live on as classics once this generation has gone?

Saffy. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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6 comments on “Potty about Potter?
  1. Mick says:

    Not a chance in hell!

    Harry Potter is to quality children’s literature what Jeremy Kyle is to quality television.

  2. Amber Hunter says:

    I’m pretty sure the commercial steam will run out of the Potter series in the next few years. You’ll quit seeing the Potter-themed Halloween costumes, lunch boxes and back packs. And in another twenty years, when this generation of YA readers / viewers grows up and has children of their own… you’ll see a resurgence. Hey, Hello Kitty came back into fashion, too. And how long has Mickey Mouse been raking in the bucks?

  3. Amber Hunter says:

    Pftt… I should be asking you that question! I’m notorious for following literature / music / movies from other countries that hasn’t hit here yet. My favorite band hails from Lichtenstein (Weltenbrand) and my favorite publisher / authors are from Australia’s Twelfth Planet Press. Currently waiting on a special order from CA that seems really interesting. Most of my favorite films were made in Europe.

    If I had to point you at SOMETHING that is here that might not be popular there, I’d say George Romero flicks. Basically if you follow his work here you’re watching for straight to DVD releases since most theaters here don’t show his films.

    Avoid the latest Resident Evil movie if it hasn’t come out there yet. I actually popped the $20 to go see it in the theaters in 3D. First movie I’ve seen in the theater in over a year and I want my two hours back. It was that bad…

    • Oh dear, sounds like one to avoid for sure! Thanks for the head’s up!

      Have you seen the film version of Stieg Larsson’s ‘Girl with the dragon tattoo’? The dubbed Swedish version? THAT is well worth a watch…… I hear they are re-making it in Hollywood….what an awful waste!

  4. Amber Hunter says:

    First I’ve heard of it. Will have to see if I can get my hands on a copy.

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