Burn a book day

TFI Friday! 😉

Well, unless you have been living in a hole for the past week (and that may well be the case for some of my blog readers!) ;-), then you cannot have failed to read about the American Pastor, Terry Jones, who planned to jeopardise world peace and National Security tomorrow, by openly burning the Koran on the ninth anniversary of September 11th. (see photo).

Now, I am not about to start offering an opinion as to whether he is a madman seeking publicity or whether he genuinely believes in what he is saying, I’ll leave that to the rest of the world, my opinion on it is unimportant, but it got me thinking….

“burn the books they’ve got too many names and psychosis,
all this incriminating evidence would surely haunt me,
if someone broke into my house” (thanks once again Alanis, twice inspired in the same amount of days…)

Through time, we have indulged in this crazy practice. As a writer (sort of), there is nothing more soul-destroying than the thought of someone burning the written word (affectionately known as libricide). I personally could not stand by and watch a match being put to anything that someone had taken the time to write, rightly or wrongly!

The Beatles even suffered the same fate when John Lennon made an inflammatory remark about Jesus Christ, only then it was records we were torching!

So let me ask (apart from the writer being horrified at his/her words being destroyed) what does it achieve? A symbolic gesture, no doubt, but unless what is burnt is the ONLY copy of what has been written, is it not too late?

Remember a previous post, when I told you what a writer friend of mine said? “Once it’s been read, it stays read. You can’t ‘unread’ something.”

So Pastor Jones and his (small) band of merry followers could have a nice little marshmallow toasting session tomorrow with 200 copies of a book that millions of people live their lives by, but what would it achieve? Would all Muslims suddenly stop believing in and practicing its teachings? Will they all willingly convert to whatever faith he preaches? No.

But what it COULD do, is endanger the lives of hundreds, maybe thousands of people and start the process of hate, all over again.

Me? I’d much rather write or read a book, than set it alight! 😉

Have a good weekend everyone and let’s hope it’s one without fireworks! We’ll save that for November.

Saffy. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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8 comments on “Burn a book day
  1. Amber Hunter says:

    The good news is that the Pastor has backed down and the burning is canceled.

    Damage is already done, however.

    • Does everyone believe that in The States? That it won’t go ahead? I hope it is the case, and I agree, a certain amount of damage has been done, but hopefully, not as much as COULD have been. It was very strange (living in the UK) to see them on the news yesterday, apparently God fearing Christians, packing a weapon! How does that work? 😉

  2. Amber Hunter says:

    I can’t speak for everyone, but so far as I know the book burning has been canceled. I’d be surprised if the protesters decided to continue without the support of their Pastor. Its a nice gesture that they decided to cancel, but its an empty one. Everyone knows it.

    As for the gun toting Christians, I’d be more concerned if they weren’t packing. I know this is probably confusing given the gun control laws of the U.K., but let’s just say that I’m one of those Americans that believes the Bill of Rights was meant for all citizens… and that some animals are NOT more equal than others. Nod to Orwell.

  3. Mick says:

    The truly sad thing is, the Koran is a wonderful work of historic literature, and much that the extreme right neo-Christian extremists find so offensive written in Arabic in the Koran is almost word for word IDENTICAL to that in the English version of the Bible.

    God is called Allah, and Gabriel Jibril, but the song remains the same, as Led Zep’ might have said…

    Not withstanding the undeniably inflammatory edicts of a minority of so-called Islamic governments (Saudi Arabia and Iran especially) and self-appointed spokemen for Islam (Osama Bin Laden), anyone who has had the pleasure of visiting or, better still, living within Muslim societies will know the actions of the extremists, whether 9/11, the London bombings or any other acts of violence, are viewed with absolute horror and disgust.

    I wonder how Pastor Terry Jones would feel if we had started burning Bibles in Britain a the end of the last century because the Loyalist and Republican terrorists in Ireland, that took so many innocent lives here in the UK (and incidentally were largely funded by Americans), claimed to be acting in the name of their religion, Christianity?

    Of course, your raising the subject here on this blog begs the question, how is the novel coming along nowadays? With only the first few chapters on YouWriteOn us loyal followers are feeling a little left out in the cold, dear Saffy.

    And what would the vampires make of all this religious nonsense? Can Muslims become vampires, or is the “undead” a purely Christian concept? Imagine Christopher Lee let loose in a mosque!

    So far all the Twilight hangers-on and Buffy rejects have been careful to steer clear of such awkward questions…

    • Hey….some interesting and well-presented points.

      The novel is coming along wonderfully and at an alarming pace, I am really enjoying writing it and hope to have a draft completed by the end of the year. As for knowing what happens past the first few chapters posted on Youwriteon, I am afraid you will have to wait until it is published! Believe me, it’ll be worth the wait! 😉

      As for your question: Let me say this, vampires aren’t choosy! I am sure my dear friend Melinda will have something to say on this subject also.

      Who knows? If you read Equilibrium: First blood, there might just be a few surprises! 😉

  4. Amber Hunter says:

    “I wonder how Pastor Terry Jones would feel if we had started burning Bibles in Britain a the end of the last century”…

    Better question might be to ask how well received would a Christian Church be on the site of the Oklahoma City bombing. Those involved in the bombing were also affiliated with (drum roll, please) the KKK, which has had the open support of some fundy Christian churches here in the U.S.

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