Red Roo’end?

Happy Monday everyone!!

Well, it is for some of us! Maybe not so rosy in the Rooney household today eh? Tut, tut…..when will they ever learn eh?

What makes a person who has everything (and I MEAN – everything!) jeopardise it all for sex?

Wayne Rooney has the world at his feet: He is one of the highest paid and rated footballers in the world; he has his own TV show, a glamorous-and- shrewd-business- woman-in-her-own-right of a wife, a new baby and best of all, he gets to do what most men (and some women) dream of doing every day, playing football for a living!

And what does he do? Pay for sex whilst his wife is pregnant?? I mean, come on guys, is it REALLY that important??

More to the point, who does he think he is? What gives him the right to renege on his vows just because of who he is?

Maybe, just maybe, this is the reason for his performances recently and his attitude on the pitch. Is the guilt eating him up – or does he simply have too much and believe that he is untouchable?

What price loyalty eh?

An interesting question as Equilibrium unfolds….. 😉

Saffy. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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14 comments on “Red Roo’end?
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Men… I tell ya, I’ll never understand how their brain works and what motivates them! No wait, I know what motivates them… their penis, ugh!!! Unfortunately, this scenario is played out all too often… a beautiful, devoted significant other, fame and fortune, the world at their feet and they blow it all for a piece of tail. Just look at Tiger Woods for instance. He had it all and now his soon to be ex-wife, Elin Woods, is getting it all at the lump sum of 100 million dollars (inject Mike Myer’s Dr.Evil’s voice with the pinky to the mouth now), and main custody of the their two adorable children who now have to grow up knowing daddy was a philander with a penchant for all varieties of hookers. You look up ” douche bag idiot” in the dictionary and a stunned Tiger Woods looks back at you.

    Psychologists know that men equate money with power, and both with sex. The more money and power you have the more sex you can get which makes you the ultimate man, in their deluded heads of course. And what do these men say once they got caught? Baby, I never meant to hurt you, I just couldn’t help it, I have a sex addiction… riiiiigggghhht, and Britney Spears will be performing live sans lip syncing. I am not saying there is no such thing as sex addiction, but it seems now to be the go to answer when these men get caught with their cheating pants down. Shameful really!
    It is also known that men who were not so popular with the ladies whilst growing up and could not get one to put them out if they were on fire, seem to need the reaffirmation that they are indeed `The Man` now that they are successful, and go into extremist behavior with their sexcapades, cuz`by golly, they have the money, the power and now the women to do with as they please. Case in point, Tiger Woods, self proclaimed geek during his younger years. Sex addiction, please… he just got real famous and the ladies, I use the term loosely, pun intended, started dropping their drawers for him and he, like a champ, conquered them all! Now Elin has ultimately conquered him, leaving his sorry ass and pockets much lighter. Looks good on ya Tiger! I just feel so sorry for those children of his. I`m sure Elin with have 100 million different ways to cope with this betrayal, but those poor kids will have to grow up under their father`s shameful legacy.

    Looks like loyalty is a word thrown around these days with not much weight to it. I know there are men out there who are loyal and would never do such atrocious things as cheat on their mate all for the sake of some meaningless poontang, but then along comes the parade of dirt bag, no good, should be chemically castrated, no wait, a rusty axe would be better, men who make the good ones look bad! At the risk of sounding crude, I have said it before and I am now saying it again… I am quitting the meat and becoming a Vaginatarian!!!

    Phew, I will now end this maddened rant I have going or I will be sitting here till daybreak tomorrow spewing forth endless reasons, statistics, getting out my flow charts, slides and diagrams and so on, why cheating men cheat and what of their loyalty, which is to their family, until they are caught sniffing around, and sadly, it becomes all too clear, their loyalty was to themselves, all in the great pursuit of getting off! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!

    Your very strongly opinionated friend on all matters of cheating men ( I am not bitter, I swear… I have only been cheated on a couple of times that I know of when I was much younger and I hardly gave a damn at the time)LOL,

  2. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Third paragraph down, I made a typo boo boo… it is supposed to read:

    I`m sure Elin `will` (not with, as I have written above, oops!) have 100 million different ways to cope with this betrayal, but those poor kids will have to grow up under their father`s shameful legacy.

    I hate friggin typos. I am sure you got what I meant, but I just had to clarify it for my minds sake. I did mention before that I was a bit of an oddball right? I am sure I have made other typos, but dammit, not everyone can be perfect, LOL!!!

    Hugs n kisses!

    • Good morning!! Phew…….**annnnd breathe!** ;-). As always Melinda, your comments on my posts FULLY answer my questions and usually agree with my own sentiments! Methinks maybe we are kindred spirits! 🙂

      Everything you write is true, and of course, I merely used the recent press stories regarding Rooney as a comparison to what is going to happen in Eq and to better understand how people see betrayal. Of course, Rooney MIGHT get away with this. He MIGHT lose a lot of money and his marriage. what I am certain of though, is that he won’t fare as badly as Jess does because of it! 😉

      Cheating on a strong, independent woman is one thing, but one with fangs……c’mon!!! 😉 xxx

  3. melinda:)xoxo says:

    That’s right… never try to hussle and flow with a b!tch with fangs… brings a whole new idea to what castrating those cheatin fools might look like. Very gory indeedy!!!

    It is nice to meet someone such as yourself, Saff, who shares so much in common with me. I think you are the bee’s knees my dear. I have always wondered how that particular statement came about. I mean it to be “you are great”, but what’s so wonderful about a bee’s knee? So, of course I had to pop out for a second to look it up, inquiring minds wants to know.

    Answer: The origin of the expression “the Bee’s Knees” appears to have been in America in the 1920s. It means something along the lines of “the height of excellence.”

    Okay, it works for me… you are indeed the bee’s knees!!!

    Bites and Kisses and some fabulous bee’s knees thrown in for fun,

    • haha, why thank you!! Makes the wondrous lyrics of the fabulous Ms. Alanis Morrisette even more poignant to me now that I know that:

      We share a culture same vernacular
      Love of physical humor and time spent alone
      You with your penchant for spontaneous advents
      For sticky and raspy, unearthed and then gone

      You are a gift renaissance with a wink
      With tendencies for conversations that raise bars
      You are a sage who is fueled by compassion
      Comes to nooks and crannies as balm for all scars

      You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
      You make the knees of my bees weak

      You are a spirit that knows of no limit
      That knows of no ceiling who baulks at dead-ends
      You are a wordsmith who cares for his brothers
      Not seduced by illusion or fair-weather friends

      You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
      You make the knees of my bees weak

      You are a vision who lives by the signals of
      Stomach and intuition as your guide
      You are a sliver of god on a platter
      Who walks what he talks and who cops when he’s lied

      You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
      You make the knees of my bees weak
      You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
      You make the knees of my bees weak
      You make the knees of my bees weak, tremble and buckle
      You make the knees of my bees weak

      How fabulous! 😉 xx

  4. Amber Hunter says:

    I’ve witnessed more than my fair share of break-ups between friends. He blames it on her, she blames it on him, and each has some colorful stories to share about the bad things the other person did to cause the problem. In several cases, both have been so far fetched that their stories read better than fiction. That is life.

    Betrayal is rare as black and white as it seems at first glance. If a man cheats in your story, he should have better reasons for doing it other than he did it because he was a man and all men are cheating pigs that should be chemically castrated. This is lazy writing and doesn’t deserve my attention as a reader.

    Know both sides of the story even if you decide to only tell one.

    • Actually, it is Jessie that cheats……on Gabrielle!! And she has a very good reason for doing so…… save her life!! 😉 xx

      • Amber Hunter says:

        Y’know… I just had the strangest thought. You’re going to labor over this novel for months, or years, though I hope it’s only months for my own selfish reasons, before I ever get the chance to crack the spine on my very own copy. And no doubt I will inhale the entire novel in a single evening.

        It’s like eating a meal so quickly that you don’t enjoy the flavor – an insult to your host. But to a novelist… it’s the highest form of flattery, isn’t it?

        Interest piqued. Hurry up and write! LOL

      • Actually, not true. I have xmas deadline for one reason or another. It should be pretty much complete by then (for submission anyway). I would LOVE to share more for critique/review, but daren’t in fear of copycats/publishers being put off. The story has unfolded in a pretty startling (and very different) way over the last few months since I was joined by a co-author and I am VERY sure it is going to attract a lot of attention, but it is so wildly different, that I daren’t give too much away for public consumption….however, if it was to attract some professional interest, I might be persuaded into releasing a few more chapters privately…. 😉

  5. Scandal! I’ll have to look into this and discuss it with my co-worker, we love a good story about someone famous screwing up!

    Just thought I’d ask if it is alright for me to add you to my blog roll?

  6. Amber Hunter says:

    Count me in if you’re looking for a dedicated reader or two to critique as you go along. Or you can submit through Critters – they’ve got a dedicated reader program there just for novels. And since it’s password protected for critique purposes only, no publisher will consider that electronic publication.

  7. melinda:)xoxo says:

    I have never heard that song of Alanis’s, but I will for sure look it up. I love her music! What I know about the chick is don’t piss her off or she’ll right a song about you. Did you know the song “You Oughta Know” is about Dave Coulier, Uncle Joey, from Full House. Guess he really pissed her off… fool!!!

    Love ya, Meli:)xoxo

    • It is from the Album ‘So called Chaos’ (released about 4-5 years ago). Wonderful album, as all of hers are. I am a HUGE fan and would love to piss her off, just to see what she wrote about me! hehe. Backatcha! 😉 x

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