Where do our loyalties lie?


And for all of those sports (specifically football) fans out there, welcome to the madness that is the slamming-shut-of-the-transfer-window day!

How I thank my lucky stars that I am not a sports writer on a day like today!

It is a crazy period during closed season and all the silly rumours fly around like vampire bats in an abattoir (forgive me) 😉 until 1800 tonight when the non-existent window closes and we can all get back to knowing who to put in our dream team and indeed, which team they now play for! Phew…. !

For those of you who don’t follow football, let me explain. It matters not whether you have a contract, have signed your life away and pledged allegiance to your club for the next 5 years….forget all that. It doesn’t matter if the ink (blood?) is still wet on the paper, if someone else wants you and you want to go (or even if you don’t!) during this period, you can usually leave! There are some crazy deals done, last-minute and usually mind-blowing fees change hands and heroes become villains to the fans overnight…… and then, tomorrow, the proper football can begin! At least that is, until January when the new transfer window opens and it starts all over again!

So, it seems that everyone has a price……

Anyone can be tempted if the deal is right. The lure of a better lifestyle, flash cars and wild parties……and of course mo’ money!

So here’s my question: Would you cross to the other side? If the deal was right? Abandon your beliefs and the love and respect of those close to you for the promise of wealth, excitement and notoriety? All for a glimpse of fame??

Jess has some BIG decisions to make along the way in Equilibrium: First Blood and they’re not always easy.

What about you? What would you do?

Think on. 😉

Saffy. xx

PS. Tomorrow I will be posting the first 5,000 words of Eq that has been finished – finally! Yay. x


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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One comment on “Where do our loyalties lie?
  1. Amber Hunter says:

    Hey Saffy – Waiting on pins and needles for the post tomorrow. Must say, you’ve got my interest piqued. Hopefully no sparkling vampires here! ;o)

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