“Must be talking to an angel”

Ok, so you’ve all read the ‘Cat in a bin’ story this week or seen the clip on you tube right?  (check it out here if you haven’t: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nFq7IfYTWGw)

Lord only knows what possessed Mary Bale to do such a thing? She is more than likely not a bad person, just guilty of a fleeting moment of madness, as we all are! But an angel – she aint!!

So…..what makes someone an angel? The word Angel comes from the Greek word “angelos” and the Hebrew word “Malk” and literally translates as “messenger”.  Biblically, it is written that God created Angels to serve Him and to serve Man.

There is nothing in the Bible to suggest that anyone becomes an Angel when they die, or that they can ever be killed. Neither does it suggest that they have halo’s!!

So it looks like we have ‘modernised’ the original concept of an angel to suit our own beliefs. Of course, it is nice to think that when someone we love dies, they become an angel. It’s nice to think that we have a Guardian Angel that looks out for us and it is nice to have an ‘opposite’ to the dark forces. I guess, that if Angels cannot die, then they must be more powerful then other mythical (?) creations??

More and more people believe that Angels walk among us. That they interact with soceity and you never know that they are any different to anyone else, but they must be different right?

Apparently, not all angels have wings (only certain types) and I cannot find much about the type of powers that they have, apart from the ability to choose to become mortal again and telepathy. Could it be that angels are just good people sent down to make sure good things happen to nice people? And are they here to relay messages about how we are doing to The Big Man?? What do you think?

There is some belief that although they feel emotion, they have no sense of touch? Hmmmn, how to get round that one?

Saffy. xx

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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