Blood diamonds: Is Naomi Campbell guilty of a crime?

Good afternoon my fangtastic friends!

Well, I have had little choice but to follow the trial on Charles Taylor and the ‘blood diamonds’ and can’t help thinking that the thing is one huge media circus! I have no opinion either way as to whether our very own Super Model is guilty or not….and guilty of what? I have no doubt that she does indeed receive gifts all the time and she probably knew that these weren’t ‘above board’, but does that make her a criminal?? Can she honestly be held accountable in any way for possession of the illegal stones? Who knows whether she knew that she shouldn’t have them? I suspect that she did, given the speed with which she got rid of them again, but should she be prosecuted?? Obviously there are wider implications than whether she has committed a crime or not, but I happen to think it would be wildly unfair if she were to be charged.

So what has this got to do with Equilibrium I hear you cry? (apart from the obvious!)

Well, as you all know by now,  Equilibrium is constantly evolving and lately I have attempted to use this blog to gauge readers/fans of this genre’s reaction to certain ideas that we intend to pursue within the story, soooooo…… here’s another one for you.

It is a common and well-accepted fact that vampires need blood to survive. Check. But……..with the recent insinuations in shows like True Blood and films such as Twilight, it has become acceptable for vampires not to kill to get their fill. In TB, they merely buy it in carry out 6 packs!!!!

So whilst writing Equilibrium, we are faced with a dilemma between whether the vampires kill to survive (and are therefore creating more vampires) of whether they can merely ‘feed’ by other means. That may be a blood substitute that is commercially available or by only taking small amounts and leaving their victims alive.

Also, my co-author came up with an interesting angle the other day….if a vampire took blood from a person infected with say HIV or some other kind of blood-bourne virus, would they contract it and if so, so what? I mean, it can’t kill them right? But would it make them ill….

Some interesting stuff to muse over and as ever, your opinions are greatly appreciated.

Saffy. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “Blood diamonds: Is Naomi Campbell guilty of a crime?
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Once again, my dear Saff, you have come up with some very interesting topics. To begin, I will start my comments with the unfortunate incident with Naomi Campbell by saying that I truly do not know much about this topic because I try to stay blessedly ignorant with all things that involve that English she-devil. But I will say I hope for the sake of the poor unfortunate souls who go through horrendous treatment and ungodly conditions to mine the blood diamonds, that the stones in question are not ones such as these… and if Miss Campbell did indeed know if the diamonds were tainted or not, I guess we will never know. To hell with her anyways, that miserable twit! Stick her ass on the runway and tell her to do what she knows best, besides bitching and throwing phones of course… smile and be pretty!

    As for the Homo Sapien loving vampires who choose not to kill whilst dining on the entree for the evening, compared with those oh so lovely neck ravaging, suck you dry vampires, as with humans, I think there needs to be a diversity amongst the vamp species attitudes and morals. Throw some good vamps in with some very naughty vamps who just do not give a damn at all whether they bleed us dry into the mix to keep it exciting and our blood pumping ( pun intended)

    When it comes to whether a vampire can become ill by drinking from those who have contracted diseases such a HIV, I myself say no only because as vampires they are immune to everything we humans tend to fall ill from… they are immortal after all and are superior to humans in every way. But that is just my theory, and as far as writing goes you can work it out any old way. Thank god for the imagination and a natural born propensity to write. And since you have an abundance of both Saff, I am certain that whatever you write on the subject, it will be well thought out and well received.

    Ever looking forward to your next topic, your friend always,

    • Interesting comments my dear friend, very interesting indeed! As always, I welcome your comments and appreciate that you take the time to make them! And…you usually echo my own sentiments, so that’s always a winner! 😉
      There will be an abundance of different characters for you to love/hate/empathise with in Equilibrium. It is hurtling along at a rate of knots now that I have a co-author on board and the story is really taking shape. looking forward to introducing some more over the next few weeks, that hopefully, everyone else will love as much as you do! As for the next topic……hmmmmn, let me see? THAT I will have to ponder! Take care. Saffy. xx

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