Robbie Williams is getting married!

Welcome along fellow vamps!

Now I am sure the news that Robbie is about to be made an honest man of is of no great consequence to you, in fact, I wager that most of you are asking, “Who?”…..well, as always, there is a reason for me mentioning this.

‘Angels’…….what a song:

So, take a couple of minutes to listen……what if Vampires loved Angels instead???? O-M-G! As the text/FB/internet/radio1  savvy of us say (?)

Is this something worth exploring? And what if they dare?

Hmmmmnnnnn……have a good weekend.

Saffy (et al).



Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “Robbie Williams is getting married!
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    I have always loved Robbie’s song Angels… he sings, “I’m loving angels instead”, but I’m singing, “I’m loving vampires instead”, LOL!!! Always a joker I am! Robbie, I don’t love his crazy ways so much. Much luck to his new bride, I fear the poor thing is gonna need it! Let’s make a playful wager shall we? I give it a year, maybe a bit more. I’m not holding my breath. Good luck!!!

    As for vamps and angels hookin it up, I think that is a most fabulous idea for a novel written by none other than you my dearest Saff! Just imagine a world where the udead, the eternally damned, have a mind blowing love affair with the eternally graced on hi. Most scandalous, but for certain a provocative and entertaining read! Love it!!! It is definitely worth exploring. I certainly believe they would dare to be so adventurous, step outside the boundaries, into the forbidden, the unknown, mix it up, add some sizzle and spice, be damned the consequences. Live a little! (Oops, no disrespect for the undead, LOL!)

    Much love,

    • Yes, I agree with you on poor Mrs.William’s fate! But, I understand that they have been together quite a while now and maybe, just maybe, she is enough for him to mend his ways. A talented performer, but cursed methinks. Bit of a fallen angel?! 😉


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