Lily Allen is pregnant……..

So what? Most of you will cry…..

Well, firstly, good luck to her. Any new life is a blessing of course and I seriously hope everything goes well for her, I really do. But it got me thinking; can Vampires have babies?

My research and general consensus among the fans of all-things-vampire (for which there are some links to some great sites at the end of this blog) is a bit, fat, blood-curdling NO!

They cannot reproduce and they aren’t born (except in certain circumstances and not by parents of Vampire origin), they are ‘created’ by various methods – you all know the drill by now.

So is it a HUGE faux pas to have a female vampire character in a film or book to give birth or a male character sire a child?? And if so, would that child be mortal?

I have seen the out-pouring of horror aimed at Stephenie Meyer for having vampires ‘sparkle’, but surely a certain element of artistic licence is allowed here?

Are you alienating the true followers of vamp lore and reducing your readership if you make grave mistakes such as this? I don’t know.

A fellow scribe of mine wrote the other day, “Remember, you can’t un-read something.” So whilst I could quite happily include this sub-plot in my book and readers would not know until they read it, would they feel short changed and would they ever read your second novel??

This is one I need to ponder over……

In the meantime, please visit these sites if you get chance:

Saffy. xxx

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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4 comments on “Lily Allen is pregnant……..
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Hmmm, great question. I am sure we have all heard about dhampirs, half vamp, half human, from the union of a human and a vampire, but can two full blooded vampires procreate a baby bloodsucker? I say why not! In most scripture, vampires are thought to be dead or undead (but that would make them alive, `un` meaning not, right?) soulless creatures who haven`t a heartbeat, nor blood running throughout their veins, and if so it is usually black, just to name a few traits unlike us humans that allow us to spawn. Well, I know some folks that are for sure soulless and must have black sludge coursing throughout their cold, lifeless bodies, ha! But I digress… so, with these “abnormalities” it would seem quite impossible to sire a child strictly from a science point of view. But then again, we aren’t really dealing in reality here are we? Nope! Pure fantasy, the paranormal and supernatural at it’s finest! So why not throw all caution to the wind, throw out our preconceived notions of what we think we know about the Sanguinarius Vampiricus and tell a story any darn way we want, much the same way Stephenie Meyer has done… and if I am not mistaken, her sparkly vampires are a big, and I’m talkin ginormous right now(even though they are bedazzled). The only thing I would take into consideration when writing a plot line about baby vampires is that they would have to stop aging at a certain point, perhaps when they have come into maturity, or an age they choose for themselves ‘after’ they have hit maturity… wouldn’t want an immortal pre-teen whining around for eternity with their hormones running amok, perish the thought! Otherwise they wouldn’t be immortals and that is basically a major part of being a vampire, the whole “getting to live forever” thing. Besides those snags in the theory, you can make your vampire story read however which way… as long as it has a few of the common themes such as blood drinking, sexy immortals and fangs, gotta have fangs. Sorry Stephenie, but where the hell are Edward’s fangs???

    As for Lily Allen being preggers, good for her. Congrats Lily! Very funny that you came up with idea of pregnant vamps from Lily’s situation Saff… I love how your mind works!!!

    Ta ta for now!!!
    Much love to you Saff & our fellow Sanguinarius Vampiricus!!!


    • Melinda my friend, you confuse me! haha. I shall have to take some time to digest your comment and reply when I have worked it out. A simple yes or no would have sufficed! 😉 Yours ‘per fangs’, Saffy. xx

      • melinda:)xoxo says:

        Hahaha, I am often told I confuse people… I often confuse myself! Okay, short abridged version… yes, I think vampires, in the literary world, not in real life, hahaha, could have kids by procreation, the joining of two full blooded vampires. It’s fiction, so I say why not? You may have to work out a few kinks in the theory, but that’s the fun part.

        Your Confusing But Well Intentioned Friend Always,

      • Haha, Ok, I am with you now. That was a much clearer answer! Yes, I agree, but needs handling carefully I think. Watch out for a revised Prologue and opening chapters. I am now working on this as a joint project with a very talented and like-minded author, so we hope to have something finished by the end of the year. Watch this space and spread the word! Your friend in all that is dark, Saffy. xx

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