Joe McElderry’s gay!??

Shock – horror!! 😉 xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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3 comments on “Joe McElderry’s gay!??
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Don’t know the fella, looked him up on the net… can’t say. Either way, I haven’t a problem with the homosexual community. I have tons of gay friends. Perhaps in the future when he is a bit older I will be upset if Joe is indeed gay because he is a handsome young man. Right, cuz that would be the only thing keeping up apart… him being gay! And if that is the case, I imagine there will be a lot of sad young ladies out there but a ton of happy boys!

    The die is cast… what will it be… gay, not gay? It remains to be seen!


  2. Melinda says:

    don madda ii ❤ u joesoph 4 evaa :* ❤ Xxxx

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