Do angels sleep?

Good morning!!!

Someone asked me yesterday what I thought Angels did with their wings when they slept?? I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since!! Is it uncomfortable? Do they sleep suspended? Do they sleep at all??? Answers on a postcard please….

So, any of you out there who have followed this blog will know that I posted Chapter One the other day and you MAY have been waiting for Chapter Two…..well, I need a favour first (Melinda?) I have re-written Chapter One and would like an honest opinion as I am thinking that it is pretty much ‘there’. I will be posting it a little later on and any comments would be hugely appreciated. Maybe then, I can start on Chapter Two! 😉


Saffy. xx

Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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2 comments on “Do angels sleep?
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Hey mama, I have read your revised chapter and I do indeed think you are there! It is fabulous! You are a writing genius my dear and I look forward to reading your next chapter. I have read the likes of Anne Rice, LA Banks, Raven Hart, Stepheni Meyer, and hundreds of other vampire genre novelists, and you are right there amongst the leading ranks and even rise above a lot the best!!!
    Question… are you going to be sharing the whole of your novel online or will we have to wait for it to be published? I, myself, one day would love the thrill to to read one of your published novels, to see the cover art, your words and dreams come to fruition… how wonderful to say that I was your online buddy and was fortunate enough to chat with the latest and greatest vampire genre novelist! Look out, here comes Saff!!! But I do look forward to reading what you have written here on your blog… you never disappoint. I imagine you have always had a knack for writing… what made you decide to write a vamp novel? Are you enamored with the undead as much as I am? They are great muses I must say!
    As for angels sleeping, I imagine they must… though they are powerful, almighty and full of grace, even the angelic must need their sleep and rejuvenation. After all, they must uphold the natural order of good and bad, light and dark and everything in between… no sleep a cranky angel makes, LOL! It is a fabulous question, one I have never really thought about. I imagine their wings would wrap around themselves like a nestling cocoon. A soft, silky bed of feathers sounds very comfortable to me.
    Anywho, can’t wait to see what fascinating ideas you come up with next! Here’s an idea… what about a novel with both angels and vampires perhaps rivaling each other? Maybe a forbidden friendship or love affair? So many options!!!

    Your friend and fellow vampire lover(angels too),

    • Well good morning My nosy, friendly, intrigued, into vampires and all things murky, but not so much an unfortunately squeamish wanna-be-serial killer (in this life anyhow) friend (and sometime friendly neighborhood super hero, shhhhh, our secret… and all time vampire lover)!!

      I just wanted to reply to your comments as you have so kindly taken the time to leave them!!

      Thank you so much for your kind words and rest assured, once my book is published, you will be one of the first people to receive a signed copy!! 😉

      I will be posting regularly and putting some more excerpts on-line, but unfortunately, cannot publish the whole thing (maybe in the future?). The idea at the moment is to try and build up a following of fans to attract an agent, but obviously not give too much away. That doesn’t mean however, that you won’t hear alot more from Jess and Gabrielle (and a few others!)

      There might even be a few more suprises too! 😉

      Saff. xx

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