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Good morning!!

Well, after much messing about setting up Facebook and Twitter IDs and trying to spark some interest in this blog, I am finally ready to tell you a little bit about Equilibrium and its characters.

I realise that almost anyone could stumble across this blog, so please beware, that when I post excerpts and diaries etc, this book CONTAINS ADULT THEMES AND REFERENCES TO SEX/EROTICA, so please do not read if you are easily offended. I wouldn’t recommend it for young adults under the age of 16. Thanks.

So, let me start by telling you a little bit about Equilibrium, in fact, here is the PROLOGUE:

Equilibrium ~ a state of balance


The courtroom walls seemed to bulge before my eyes as yet more people attempted to squeeze into the already over-crowded public gallery.

I smiled, despite the profound sense of desperate loss that had settled ‘ad infinitum’ in the pit of my stomach. Gabrielle would have loved this. No, I argued with myself, she would have basked in it, lapped it up like a retiring actor’s last curtain call.

My stomach lurched and contracted as the image of her face swam behind my closed eyelids and I gripped the rail before me with my remaining strength. I summoned it from the very depths of my soul, gathered the love that we had once shared and squeezed it until it gasped its last breath and I had the energy to open my eyes and face the judge.

     “Miss Jessica Jordan.” The judge looked at me reproachfully over half-moon glasses, theatrically shuffling his papers.

The court was hushed.

“You have been found guilty on all counts. I have no hesitation in sentencing you to life imprisonment, with a minimum term of forty years.”

There was a perfectly uniform intake of breath from the gallery, as my supporters digested the magnitude of the punishment and turned questioning eyes on each other.

Before the judge could clear his throat to say, “Take her down.” I was gone. The image of the empty dock was the lead story on every news channel that evening.


I hope that has given you a slight taste of what is to come. Tomorrow, I will post character profiles for Gabrielle and Jess. Please sign up if you want to be alerted when this blog is updated, similarly, feel free to add me on Facebook or Twitter. Saffinadesforges


Saff. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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