Had your fill of Twilight & Vampire Diaries?

…then check out this blog to find out more about Equilibrium.

Saff. xx


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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One comment on “Had your fill of Twilight & Vampire Diaries?
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Nope, I love it both my dear Saff! I must say that Stepenie’s idea of vampires are not usually what I am draw to… sparkling in the sunshine, vegetarian-humanitarian vamps and all that jazz, but I do like em. I wish they had fangs though. That is the sexiest thing and a stable of the vamp way of life. I do like my vamps who sizzle in the sun and all death and destruction, who view humans as walking talking blood bags, but I can appreciate SM’s lighter version. And I love the movies. Edward is my cup of tea… or should I say blood?

    As for TVD, I read the books years and years ago and I liked them. I like the series even more. Not so cookie cutter as I thought it would be. Damon is my favorite. Ian’s portrayal of Damon is fangtastic… I love the bad boy with the good boy struggling to the surface attitude. And sooooooooooo hot… those blue eyes have me mesmerized! He can nibble on me whenever he likes!!! I will never have my fill of Damon!!!

    How about you Saff? Have you had your fill? Can’t wait for your version of vampires!!!


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