Virgin scribblings

ahhhhem!! *cough*

Well, I finally made it here. The great-big-f*ck-off-world-wide-web!!! And I don’t mind telling you, it’s a bit scary!!

This is my inaugural post on my very friendless blog, so please bear with me and be very, very gentle until I get the hang of this, I beg of you.

So, who am I?

That one’s easy. I am a writer. A writer who doesn’t write (at least, not for a living) but wants to, very much.

Hence the reason for me creating this blog and hopefully, a following of either like-minded writers or just plain old fans of my work. 

Which leads nicely to my second introduction, my work/book. Equilibrium is a difficult one to describe.

I have recently joined a wonderful site ( that allows published and desperate-to-be-published (my own words, not theirs!) writers to post chapters and short stories etc for their fellow scribes to review and comment on, as well as being given the chance to have a professional review if rated highly enough. Anyway, I digress (waffle on – your choice?), the point I am trying to make, is that on said site, I have had to attempt to catagorise my book and have also had others do so, and it falls loosely into the dark fantasy/thriller/lesbian erotica genre. That said, I would personally stop short of ticking the ‘lesbian’ box as it is not the main theme of the story, merely a coincidence that the main characters who fall in love with each other, happen to be of the same sex. They also happen to be vampires (albeit not all of them straight away), so I guess it is up to the reader whether they deem either important or not.

Anyway, my final point. What am I here for? Well, I have a plan. It might not be a very good one, but a plan it is all the same. I intend to try to gain some publicity/following for Equilibrium and its characters in the hope of one day, convincing a literary agent that it it worth publishing.

I hope to use this blog to post the synopsis, excerpts and possibly some character ramblings etc if I can muster enough interest, so please, spread the word! Comment, leave messages and if you REALLY want to, visit the site, find my chapters, and leave a free will review of them. Of course, you don’t have to want to read my book! You might just be nosy, friendly, intrigued, into vampires and all things murky or even just an unforunately squeamish wanna-be serial killer, who knows? Either way, feel free to pop in and say hello…….

One final mention before I sign off and wonder what I have gotten myself into: Mark Williams. He is the reason that I started this crazy rant of a blog and also happens to be a very talented writer (and all-round generally good guy). But don’t take my word for it, you can find Mark’s chapters, Sugar & Spice at YWO also and his own, personal blog at

Saff. x


Writer, dreamer, pantser.

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One comment on “Virgin scribblings
  1. melinda:)xoxo says:

    Hey Saff… I am nosy, friendly, intrigued, into vampires and all things murky, but not so much an unfortunately squeamish wanna-be serial killer (in this life anyhow) but I do look forward to reading all that you write and I do indeed want to read your book! You sound like such a fun gal and I absolutely love everything about your writing style. I know for a fact you are gonna be hella successful in all of your literary endeavors.

    Your nosy, friendly, intrigued, into vampires and all things murky, but not so much an unfortunately squeamish wanna-be-serial killer (in this life anyhow) friend (and sometime friendly neighborhood super hero, shhhhh, our secret… and all time vampire lover)

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